Ghetto 808 mix and podcast out now!

And here's another thing I was promising:

Ghetto 808 is a regular club night I'm going to start hosting here in Helsinki in the nearby future. And the first promo mix is finally ready. It's 58 minutes full of the hottest baile funk and kuduro and some other joints too.

Dj Rideon presents Ghetto 808:


Bass Check
DJ Rideon: This My Shit
Os Hawaianos: Vem Kikando Rmx
DJ Sany Pitbull feat DJ Woody: I Feel Good (James Brown Funk Carioca Mix)
DJ Cabide: Montagem Baile Lotadão
Menor do Chapa: Vida Loka (DJ 17 Pistola Mix)
Bomba Funk 2: Aquecimento 2006
Bomba Funk 2: Mega Doido
DJ Rideon: Fuck Me Baby
Gaiola das Popozudas: Late Que Eu To Passando
Os Ousados: Passinho do Basquete
DJ Sandrinho: Pump It Up
DJ Sandrinho: Serrote Funk (Cleck Cleck Boom)
Bonde Neurose: 100% Neurose 2006
DJ Sandrinho vs. Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back
Puto Prata: Sai La Daqui
Buraka Som Sistema feat. Petty: Wawaba
Luky Gomes: Patiri
Leo Canhoto & Robertinho: Chumbo Quente (DJ Edgar Rmx)
DJ Sandrinho: Pump Friction
SD Boyz: Uh! Uh! Tá Tomado
95 South: Wet’n’Wild (DJ Laz Booty Bounce Mix)
DJ Assault: Sex On The Beach

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Hotlink to the podcast:

In the future there'll be more mixes and maybe also some interview and radioshow stuff, mainly on baile funk, but also other hot ghetto stuff that's out there. So tune in!

And here are also the sleeves for the cd-version, or if you wanna add them to your iPod or something.


Curb Crawlers said...

great mix!

*timo said...


Té la mà Maria said...
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Vamanos said...

Hot mix Rideon. Nice job and blog is great too.


Fear Books said...

Hello sir. I just found your podcast via google. I loved the first episode, especially the Kelis and Gwen Stephanie remixes.

One suggestion for Episode 2: If the podcast is about Baile Funk, I think you should have more songs by baile funk artists, rather than DJ Mixes. I'd just like to hear some stuff like M.I.A., and some more stuff with English lyrics interspersed.

Otherwise though, I loved it, and am very excited for Ep. 2 :)

*timo said...

Thank you very much for the positive encouragement!

For your request about english lyrics:

1st of all: MIA isn't really a baile funk artist, though I love her music.

Most baile funk artists come from Brazil and sing in portuguese so some might even say that if it's in english it's not REAL baile funk.

And if you pay attention, a dj mix features loads of tracks by baile funk artists so I consider it serves best those who wanna hear new artists.

However I was just preparing next episode and it will feature a lot of special remixes made by brazilian djs (and a couple of myself too) that feature well known western vocals and hooks sung in english.


Fear Books said...

Thanks for the reply! I get what you're saying.

For a first episode though, that was the bomb.

I'll keep checking in with ya, let you know what I think of them. :)

Mishta Phipsom said...

Well just wanted to say that I enjoyed most of the tracks except for the housy tunes at the end. Btw I posted I think it was in february a Baile Funk VS Kuduro Soundsystems mix. A bit earlier then yours, but that doesn't matter, music is free to anybody.
Have a look in iTunes at my podcast, in my blog, or at my website, it was MP-022. I am not the Bass-Man like you but I kinda pushed the Baile Funk sound cause it was so unique and oldschool cheapo sounding, but it was original. Let's stay in touch and maybe you want to submit some tracks/remixes that I can use in my podcast. Well I am pretty open minded concerning music, so I am not focused on 808 sound but on funky ish. Best wishes Mr Phipson

*timo said...

Over 1000 downloads already in zshare and over 100 at the podcast. Thanks for everybody for listening!

For Mr. Phipson and any other DJ who likes my remixes: Just give a holla at myspace or my mail and I can send some tracks over.

And for you all that liked the first mix: Secdond one coming soon!


I'm up for episode 2 :) Are you working on it?

Can't wait to hear it.

*timo said...

Episode 2 is almost ready, just finishing some new remixes for it. In the beginning of June it should be out..!

di1 said...

This is dope. What's the track where its Missy, Don't Want No and Rod Lee, is that all one track? Is that your track? I love that you mix baile, with bmore, juke, Miami bass and ghetto house. Its all the same just different cities interpretations.

Also, I can't wait for the next episode.

Cindy Nd said...

I love this mix, i think it's a relly good tracklist. I want dance all the time !