Sany Pitbull nominated for DJ of the year at Folha de S. Paulo

Sany Pitbull was nominated for the "Best new DJ" on the poll of one of Brazil's biggest newspaper, Folha de S. Paulo. (More then 20 years of career and still a "new" DJ...) He's the only baile funk DJ on the poll, so you might wanna give him a hand and vote:


Just click on the "votar" button.


Tira Poeira and Sany Pitbull: O Morro Não Tem Vez (mp3 download)

Earlier I was writing about some curious mixtures in baile funk and a tune that a chôro group Tira Poeira and Sany Pitbull did together. Well, now I'm glad to share it with you:

Tira Poeira: O Morro Não Tem Vez
download 320 kps mp3 from zShare



DJ Edgar at Low Up, Brussels.

DJ Edgar has been touring Europe for the whole November and enthusiastic comments have been coming from all over. Check out this video from the Low Up party at Brussels. Nice vibe at the crowd.

Edgar also got nicnamed "El Loco Sampleador" by the Low Up crew...

And on his tour Edgar also started a blog.


Ghetto 808 mixes and podcast online again with updated links.

I was quite suprised when I was asked if it's still possible to download Ghetto 808 vol.2 from somewhere cause I thought they're all online. But as you can guess they weren't, as zShare had flipped and removed em all, and even my podcast was somehow out of order. Well, now it's all back on a better service and also the podcast is working again.

So for all that missed them when they came, here are the fresh links to all my mixes and also to the remix download of "This My Shit". Enjoy!

Ghetto 808 podcast:

Ghetto 808 podcast RSS-feed:

Big Dancin All Night Long (direct link):

Tracklist & info:

RaveRaveRaveYeahYeahYeah (direct link):

Tracklist & info:

Back To Miami (direct link):

Tracklist & info:

Ghetto 808 vol.3 (direct link):

Tracklist & info:

Ghetto 808 vol.2 (direct link):

Tracklist & info:

Ghetto 808 (direct link):

Tracklist & info:

Rideon - This My Shit (direct link)


Leandro HBL talking about Favela On Blast on CNN.

Leandro HBL on CNN talking about Favela On Blast. GRES Alegria do Zona Sul is the venue in Cantagalo where Sany Pitbull hosts his baile. Some sweet images from there and some preview material of the film. Thanks to Sany for letting me know!

Baile funk with chôro and bossa nova

Baile funk is moving ever forward. We've already heard a lot of tunes and remixes incorporating samba and
batucada elements with baile funk, but it's still a natural and expected mix. However combining baile funk with traditional 50's bossa nova or chôro sounds far more absurd. (Chôro is the classical, melancholic version of samba, that sounds more like portuguese fado then samba) And to understand the fully the abrusdity (at least on a brazilians mind) you have to understand that in Brazil also music is all about the social class. To make it simple baile funk is the music "by the poor, for the poor" as Daniel Haaksman puts it. And chôro and 50's bossa nova, maybe radical at the time, nowadays have the air of being the music your grandfather likes to listen. Elevator music they might be called by some. But certainly NOT something you'd go shake your ass on the dancefloor. And still, they are coming together. And the result is something very, very interesting.

Though this is only one of the ways baile funk is going, it is important in the brazilian context, hopefully bringing down some of the prejudism linked on baile funk in Rio.

And here are the news:

Sany Pitbull has teamed up with Tira Poeira, an awardwinning band playing traditional chôro with a touch of jazz enthusiastics. They've made together a version of the classic "O Morro Não Tem Vez" by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes. The title translates "The hill doesn't have a chance" and I think this proves just the opposite.

Check out the video made by the Brazil's major TV channel, Globo, about the co-operation to get an idea of what it sounds like:

Sany Pitbull is going to be on fire on saturday at TIM festival in Rio, ending the whole festival as the last act. (TIM festival is pretty much the biggest and most respected music festival to occur in Rio; this year's line up includes Kanye West, Klaxons, Gogol Bordello & Switch amongst others) And Sany will invite Tira Poeira to do the track live on stage. Leandro HBL, the director of the film Favela On Blast, is also gonna be participating on the show with some visual art. I wish I could be there, but I can't. If you happen to be around Rio, don't miss this one!

The other super interesting project is of Daniel Haaksman, who got access to the bossa nova catalogue of Verve through Universal and to celebrate the 50th aniversary of bossa nova invited baile funk producers from Rio to do their own interpretations of some classic bossa tunes. I haven't heard any of it yet, but this sure sounds interesting as hell and as it's going on major distribution through Universal, it's gonna shake it up big time, also in Brazil.
Read more about it from the Man Recorder.

According to the Man Recordings blog (they've been really spicing it up actively with some really nice stuff!) it should already be hitting the stores and there also a release party with DJ Edgar on November 4th at Bar Tausend in Berlin.

Check out Mr. Haaksman telling more about the project on youtube:

The tracklist sure looks interesting:

1. Sergio Mendes + Brasil 66 "Day Tripper - DJ Fú + DJ Dinho Remix"

2. Luiz Bonfá "Discussão - MC Gringo + DJ Bolão Remix"
3. Rosinha Da Valencia "Berimbau - DJ Nazz + Ernani Maldonado feat. Bani Silva Baile Funk Remix"

4. João Gilberto "Desafinado - DJ Nazz + Ernani Maldonado Remix"

5. Fernanda Meirelles "Barquinho - DJ Marrentinho Remix"

6. Luiz Bonfá "Embocada - DJ Dinho + DJ Fú Remix"

7. João Gilberto "Bim Bom - DJ Amazing Clay Funk Remix"
8. Tom Jobim "Agua De Beber - DJ Edgar Remix"

9. João Gilberto + Astrud Gilberto "Girl From Ipanema - DJ Nazz Funk MIx"

10. Klaus Doldinger "Insensatez - DJ Edgar Remix"
11. Rosinha De Valencia "Uma Noite - DJ Marrentinho Remix"

12. Rubens Bassini, Jorge Arena + Chico Bater "Macumba - DJ Dinho + DJ Fú Remix"


Favela On Blast premiere tomorrow.

It's finally out!

The much antecipated baile funk documentary Favela On Blast by Leandro HBL & Wesley "Diplo" Pentz is gonna have it's premiere tomorrow (3.10.) at the traditional Cine Odeon in Rio. So if you happen to be in Rio, don't miss this one... Even though I haven't any more then small snippets of the material, I have to say congratulations! I hope this is gonna break baile funk all around the world BIG TIME.

And of course there is an after party with a heavy line-up.


Two tracks from MC Gi

DJ Edgar sent me some tracks he had produced lately for a new female MC from Santos (a coastal city in the São Paulo state). And I have to say these ones are pretty original; baile funk with some nice oriental flavours!

Giovanna Avino aka MC Gi is an architecture student who's only 18. On the track "Origami" she goes to Japan and sings on how you should eat her sushi, throw her on tatami and flod her like an origami... "Quer Romance" however is pure putaría: "Se o jantar é à luz de velas, meu prato é frango assado." (If you wanna have a candle light dinner, my servings gonna be roast chicken.) The production is refreshing, pure gold as Edgar always!

MC Gi: Origami download from zShare

MC Gi: Quer Romance download from zShare

And the tracks are 320kps mp3s as from now on Rio Baile Funk is gonna get out of the low quality mp3s everybody plays...

If you can read portuguese, check out this interview of MC Gi on Revista Grito.


Updates in the baile funk dictionary

Again I've done quite a few updates on my baile funk dictionary. I've started to cover also some expressions that don't necessarily have much to do with baile funk, but that are difficult to understand for foreigners. So get you portuguese going and if you have any words or expressions you don't understand, just them to me and I'll help out and then post them also to the dictionary.


Xão Productions - Aniversário Mixtape vol.1

It seems like New York has a very active baile funk scene. There's the Nossa crew that keeps bringing out great mixes (just featured Cassiano's Favela Clash) and there the Xão Productions that now celebrates its birthday with a great mix full of cool baile funk blends and remixes. They've been lately doing some cooperation with MC Gringo and played alongside with him in Rio at last year's TIM festival and Gringo has also been over to NYC to do some gigs with them. All together it seems like there are a lotta baile funk parties in NYC coming up by both Nossa and Xão. It seems like I need to go there to check it out!

DJ Comrade - Xão Productions Aniversário Mixtape Vol.1 (download from zShare)


1. Dennis DJ
2. Mc Gringo Fucky Fucky – (Dennis DJ)
3. Mc Rael – Ai Meu Peru (Dj Gordinho)
4. Mc Maiquinho – Ela Quis Me Imitar (DJ Amazing Clay)
5. Mc Dandao - vai para puta que o pariu (DJ Amazing Clay)
6. Solta Essa Porra!!! (Dj Edgar)
7. Espanca – (DJ Edgar)
8. International Syle Remix feat. Mc Maiquinho e Mc Gus (DJ Comrade vs. Shaka)
9. Sai Fora Remix – Mc Gi (Art Punk)
10. Mc Gringo feat. Ninna – Gringo Vai Embora (DJ Amazing Clay)
11. Aquimenceto do Sambinha – (DJ Amazing Clay)
12. Movado –Phone Call REMIX (Chaach)
13. Coolie / Kopa Baile – Various Artists (DJ Comrade)
14. Zuzuka/ 77Klash – Brooklyn Ghetto Fabulosa (Chaach)
15. Funk Rida feat. Mc Maiquinho, Ousados e Mc Creu (DJ Comrade)
16. Arrastao remix feat. Dead Prez / Mc Gringo (DJ Comrade)
17. Feliz Anniversario (Sexual Eruption) feat. Predadorez/ Snoop Dogg (DJ Comrade)
18. Mc Maiquinho - É a ponto 30 aqui o morro da Chatuba (Proibidao)
19. Busy Signal – Step Out Remix (DJ Comrade)
20. GG – Cocktail Molotov (DJ Junior)
21. GG – Eles Tentam da Desfalque


Zombie Disco Squad - Baile Funks Not Dead

This has been around since June, but still have to lift it up: Zombie Disco Squad from London heats it up with a good selection of old and new baile funk served with fluent mixing.

Zombie Disco Squad - Baile Funks Not Dead (download from zShare)

1. Baile Funks Not Dead Introduction by Edu K

2. MC Seu Kuke - A Casa Do Seu Kuke
3. Bola De Fogo - Atoladinha (Enterradinha)

4. Os Hawaianos - Vem Kikando

5. Luciano DJ - Alter Baile

6. Carlinho e Celinho - Jogo do Bicho

7. SD Boys - Uh!Uh!Uh! Tá Tomando

8. MC Frank - Cabelo Encolheu

9. Tati Quebra Barraco - Boladona

10. Dennis DJ - Xacoalhado de Skol

11. MC Primo - Diretoria

12. Scottie B ft. Moleque Bil - Mais Ela

13. MC Biruleyby - Cria Asa Periquita

14. Jack e Chocolate - Dança do México

15. Amandinha - Essa é pra Virar

16. Edu K ft. Deize - Injeção TNT

17. Bonde Do Popo - ?

18. DJ Wally - Dança do Calango

19. DJ Luciano Oliveira - Funk Carioca

20. Montagem - Tá Mancando
21. Sandrinho - Organ Donor

22. Montagem - Black Box
23. Sandrinho - Yazoo

24. MC Pé de Pano e Rael - Ela Tá Doida
25. MC Cidinho e Doca - Rap da Felicidade

26. MC Camita - Mexe Com Meu Marido

27. Bonde do Come Quieto - Ela Balança Mas Não Para

28. Gaiola das Popozudas - Late Que Eu Tô Passando

29. Bonde do Tigrão - O Baile Todo
30. Os Carrascos e Bonde do Vinho - Três Tenores
31. Tati Quebra Barraco - Mirante
32. Gilberto DJ - Chumbo Quente


Super Classics Of Funk Carioca at Otra Luna

A fellow finnish player, Teemu, substituting me at Rio de Janeiro at the moment (as it's been already one and half years since I came back to Helsinki from Rio...) is doing a wonderful job with his in-depth, thoughtful posts on baile funk and favela life at his blog Otra Luna. The whole blog is full of good read, but he's also got this "Super Classics Of Funk Carioca" series where he presents some of the old school tunes. Have a read on what "Rap da Felicidade" by Cidinho & Doca, "Boladona" by Tati Quebra-Barraco and "Rap das Armas" by Junior & Leonardo are all about. And there's mp3 download too...

Keep up the great work Teemu!

Diplo interview by Maga Bo

The all around world beats specialist Maga Bo, who's based in Rio, has finally finished the series of his "3 white men in baile funk" mini documentary series and the last one's obviously with Diplo. He's chatting away about he's beginnings in Rio and about becoming a DJ and about collaborating with different artists around the world. Sany Pitbull and his manager Adriana Pittigliani (RIP) are also featured when they're checking out some scenes from the forthcoming baile funk documentary "Favela On Blast" (see the previews) by a brazilian film director Leandro HBL and Diplo.

DJ Edgar – Another tour in Europe and a brand new mix up.

DJ Edgar, "the gentle giant", is coming to Europe for another tour in November. The booking period is 31.10-4.12. (All you party promoters, get the contacts here...)

To promote his tour Edgar put together this mix that features only and exclusively his own remixes. So many classics get a baile treatment here, but my favourite must be "The Power" recycling Snap's anthem "I've Got The Power".

DJ Edgar: Mixtape 2008-2009 (download from zShare)


1. Abertura
2. Funknotronic
3. Boogie Down Beat
4. Samba com Funk
5. Explosão mix
6. Guns'n'Funk
7. I Can't Get No
8. Na Europa eh Assim oh
9. Prostituto, o Sonho Delas
10. Alegria
11. Salsa com Funk
12. We Will Rock-Funk U
13. The Power
14. Out of Space
15. Boxe vs Axel F.
16. Nirvana in 'Funk' Concert
17. Rock'n'Funk beat
18. Gaita mix
19. I Fly With Funk 'U
20. DJ Edgar, Aplica o Som
21. Sininho mix
22. Solta Esse Ponto
23. Link Funk Park mix
24. Psiu-Psiu

Chack out also his homepage for some downloads...


Cassiano - Favela Clash (a mix for your listening pleasure...)

Sorry folks. I've so busy with work this summer that I haven't even had time to update my blog. I've got so many mixes lining up just waiting for your ears... But to recompensate I promise now I'll start to post also baile funk tracks for you to download. I know ya'll need to fuel for your DJ sets and party warming home session. But first I'll start with a DJ mix that Cassiano from NYC based Nossa crew hit on my inbox. It's a nice mix full of blends and remixes. Baile funk flirting with fidget house. If you're around NYC, catch up Cassiano at the Favela Clash release party on 30th of August at Santos.

Cassiano: Favela Clash (Download from zShare)


Man Recordings Melt Festival Mix by DJ Beware

All you baile enthusiastics in Germany have a treat coming up, since on the 19th of July Man Recordings presents a special line-up at the Melt Festival. Crookers, Bonde Do Role, The Count & Sinden (live), Edu K, MC Gringo, Daniel Haaksman, Deize Tigrona, DJ Beware and Say Hooo! are hitting the same stage on the same evening. Dope shit I'd say, and so does the festival as it coins the whole around-the-world-dance-beats-thing under a term "global dope".

For us, who can't join the party in Germany, there's luckily some dope shit to have a privite party on our headphones. DJ Beware has prepared a special mix in honour of the forthcoming festival and it's superdooooope. I know a couple of cars that'll go BOOM..!

Man Recordings Melt festival Mix by DJ Beware


1. Intro
2. DJ Edgar "Boxe vs. Axel F"
3. Veronica Costa vs. Switch vs. Fatboy Slim "Dece Glamourosa Champion Sound - Edu K Mashup"
4. Daniel Haaksman feat. SD Boys "Parolar De Veso"
5. Crookers "Il Brutto"
6. Mark Ronson "Valerie - Count + Sinden Mix vs. DJ Conhecido - Edu K Mashup"
7. Stereotyp feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz "Jeçe Valadão - Rob B/Stereo MCs Edit"
8. Buraka Som Sistema "Yah - Count+Sinden Remix"
9. DJ Sandrinho "Yazoo Medley"
10. Crookers "Lollypop/Crookers "Sveglia - Oh Snap Remix"
11. DJ Beware + MC Gringo "Tamborzão Con Scratchy"
12. Skream "Midnight Request Line Remix - Scottie B Remix"
13. Deize Tigrona "Injeção"
14. Bonde Do Role "Marina Gasolina Remix Buraka Som Sistema Dub"
15. DJ Znobia "Dandale"



There are so many DJs and music fans out there dropping tunes and info about baile funk stuff that for some time now I’ve been wanting to do a proper blogroll of what’s going on. So check out these and thanks for all the baile funk fans for keeping the scene alive!

Fat Planet

Stuart is a DJ running a weekly radio show called Fat Planet in Sydney, Australia. Besides this he’s been writing the exellent Fat Planet blog since 2003. It was selected earlier this year as the best blog for world music by Guardian UK and truly so Fat Planet keeps it coming on full range and delightfully drops also quite a lot of baile funk news in midst. Check out for example this recent post about Big Hits From The Hill: Recent Baile Funk Releases. And don’t forget his exellent podcast; Slang Tang!


Guillaume and J.P. are a pair of radio DJs from Montreal, Canada and besides hosting an exellent world music show at CISM, they write an exellent bi-lingual (french and english) blog, both called Masala. Both have a keen interest on baile funk and it’s featured regurarly on their blog. Check out these posts (Give Me More Of That Bateria & Masala To Go 7 - Bateria Com Funk) on Macumbinha rhythm from Guillaume’s last visit to Rio.

Mad Decent

Then there are of course Diplo and Paul Devro from Mad Decent that drop a couple of killer tracks every once in a while on their superb blog. Here’s some of the latest: Focki Focki & DJ Edgar. And don’t forget that Diplo’s producing an baile funk documentary called Favela On Blast with a brazilian film director Leandro HBL. It’s on post production right now, so should be out for the summer (hopefully), but I’ll give you more on that later...

Ghetto Bassquake

Vamanos is a DJ based in London and he’s got this Ghetto Bassquake blog where he keeps on dropping baile funk tunes every once in a while... Check out this one on Funketa, a mix of baile funk and Colombian champeta by Isa GT.


Maga Bo is a DJ and a producer working on various styles of world music, but since he lives in Rio, he’s constantly doing also baile funk stuff. He has this Kalleidosonic blog on his Comando Digital project and it’s highlights include the video interviews with Daniel Haaksman and MC Gringo and reports about the Rio violence (Everyday Violence, Rio Body Count & What If This Was Your House?).

Beat Diaspora

Greg is a DJ and a university student writing Beat Diaspora blog that deals with a lot of baile funk issues. (often with a very critical point of view; Seleção do Gringo part1 & Stirring The Pot) But more importantly he’s been curating the release of the Flamin Hotz CD Pancadão do Morro: O Funk do Flamin Hotz, Já É? (Big Hits From the Hill: Flamin Hotz Funk, You Down?) labeled by Greg ”Fair Trade Funk”. Check out also this valid critisism on the Priobidão C.V. CD I also wrote about a while ago.

Otra Luna

Teemu is a finnish all around media worker currently working with the Fundação Dois Irmãos in Rochinha, Rio. His blog Otra Luna features also some baile funk posts every once in a while (Fresh Funk: the Bad, the Good, and the Ugly). Check out also this exellent post about Rio’s hip hop king, MV Bill.

Cabaret Eletrônico

Sabrina Fidalgo is a brazilian journalist living in Germany and currently doing an documentary about baile funk. Her blog Cabaret Eletrônico features also baile funk themes like this Sany Pitbull interview.

Man Recorder

Man Recordings chief Daniel Haaksman does also a blog with a lot of label related info and mish mash.

MC Gringo

And finally something from the lighter side: MC Gringo has a blog also, some funny stuff up there..!


Sany Pitbull mix at Radio Dadio

One of the baile funk enthusiastics in Switzerland, Raphallus Orgasmus, hooked me up with this Sany Pitbull exclusive mix he recorded for Radio Dadio when Sany was playing there in April. Unfortunately there's no playlist, but it's pure baile heatery!


DJ Cornelius - From Rio to Toa Payoh (a new mix from Singapore)

Baile Funk travels far... My friend Wan aka DJ Cornelius from Singapore (!) sent me this cool mix with a lotta baile funk tunes I've been feelin lately. I know DJ Edgar will be all amazed when I tell him next friday that his songs have made their way all the way to south-east Asia... (Even Europe is soooo far away for the carioca DJs.) Anyway, check the mix out, it's really good!

DJ Cornelius - From Rio to Toa Payoh


01 DJ Sandrinho - Italiano Lento [Man Recordings]
02 DJ Sandrinho - Never B Alone We R Ur Friends Remix [Unreleased]
03 DJ Edgar - Pura Satisfação [Man Recordings]
04 Bonde Neurose - Melo De Michael Jackson [Unreleased]
05 MC Vanessinha - Gira [Unreleased]
06 M.I.A - Bucky Done Gun (DJ Marlboro Funk Carioca Remix) [XL Recordings]
07 Mekon Ft. Roxanne Shante - Yes Yes Yall (Sinden Baile Funk Remix) [PIAS/Wall Of Sound]
08 Kanye West - Stronger (Diplo Work Is Never Done Remix) [White]
09 DJ Edgar - Prostituto (Sweet Dreams) [Unreleased]
10 Dj Edgar - Desteny [Unreleased]
11 Bonde De Role - Solta O Frango [Domino Recordings]
12 DJ Sandrinho - Pumpere Up [Man Recordings]
13 DJ Edgar - Nirvana Funk [Unreleased]
14 M.I.A - Galangtion (Diplo Remix) [Unreleased]

Download from zShare:


Next weekend, DJ Rideon in Prague and Brussels.

Greets from Vienna! Had a blast in Leopold, great parties! Pics soon come... Meanwhile don't forget to come and holler next weekend in Prague (when I'm playing alongside DJ Edgar) and in Brussels!


DJ Rideon - Big Dancin All Night Long (A new mix out!)

Aaawwww shieeeeet! Here we go again! DJ Rideon is going for an European Tour 2-17.5. and to celebrate that here's something to get warm with for all my peeps around the world. A super mix with 55 minutes of baltimore club, baile funk, dirty fidget house and a whole lotta huge remixes and blends!

Also big up to Cosmo Baker & DJ Eleven from The Rub, Paul Devro from Mad Decent, Sir Nenis & DJ Fiskars from the Top Billin Crew, Cocotaxi from Stockholm, Joyce Muniz, Sany Pitbull and all who contributed a shout for the mix!

DJ Rideon - Big Dancin All Night Long

The Whitest Boy Alive: Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
King Tutt: The Future
DJ Class: Tear Da Club Up (Ruff Ryders)
KW Griff: Chris Rock Joint
Kanye West, A-Trak, & Diplo: Stronger Is Never Over (Them Jeans Remix)
Movado & Busy Signal: Inna Badman Rave (Polarsoul Blend)
Emynd: A Bit Patchy Club Theme
Enur feat Natasja: Calabria 2007 (DiscoTech Remix)
DJ Serafin: It Takes B-More
Sany Pitbull: Macumbinha 2
Sany Pitbull: Aquecimento do Pontinho
DJ Alex MPC feat. Gaiola Das Popozudas & Os Ousados: Passinho de Ladinho
MC Buiú: Ela Balança Mais Não Para (DJ Dennis Remix)
Bonde da Oskley: Batucada Funk
Bounce Camp: Big Dancin
Cassidy feat Swizz Beatz: My Drink N’ My 2 Step (Pimp The System remix)
Teddybears feat. Mad Cobra: Cobrastyle (Diplo Remix)
Sharkslayer: Bad Ding
Count Of Monte Cristal: Dibby DJ
Sany Pitbull: Pump That P
Yelle: Je Veux Te Voir (Cocotaxi remix)
Jacknife Lee: Making Me Money (Switch Remix)
AC/DC: Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)
Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse: Valerie (Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)
Lionel Richie: All Night Long (Rico Tubbs Remix)

Click here to download

Or get it from the Ghetto 808 podcast:

And here are the sleeves for your iPods:

And the dates fot the DJ Rideon European Tour May 2008:

25.4. Top Billin w/ Paul Devro (Mad Decent), Sir Nenis, DJ Anonymous & DJ Rideon @ Redrum, Helsinki, Finland

2.5. Joyce Muniz (Man Recodings), D. Schaerf & DJ Rideon @ Salon Leopold, Vienna, Austria

3.5. Joyce Muniz (Man Recodings) & DJ Rideon @ Cafe Leopold, Vienna, Austria

9.5. Dutty Weekend w/ DJ Edgar (BRA), Tuco & DJ Rideon @ Bordo, Prague, Chech Republic

10.5. Low Up w/ Dave Luxe, DJ Mellow & DJ Rideon @ Momo’s, Brussels, Belgium

16.5. DJ Rideon @ Sunrooms, Southend-On-Sea, England

Come and holla if you're around!


Rio Baile Funk Breaks - The video

Some time ago I wrote about this magnificent Rio Baile Funk Breaks release on Man Recordings. Well, now we've got DJ Beware and DJ Rockid showing what you can do with it. Essential - Don't miss!


Sany Pitbull & DJ Rideon in Tallinn, Estonia - Party photos & some video

Two weeks ago we were playing in Tallinn, Estonia with Sany Pitbull at a party called Bassikultuur (Bass Culture) hosted by top notch estonian DJs Alari Orav and San Antonio. I have to tell you the vibe was soooo great. Bangers after bangers and the crowd dancing and jumping like crazy! The party was almost as good as in Helsinki. So big up Alari and Anton!

First it's DJ Rideon hyping up the crowd:
Wooo-Hoooooooo!!! (Alari on the left...)
Setting the dancefloor on fire...
Takin'em up. (Only girls on the front row... lucky me!)
Time to switch:
Sany will rock you!
The guy's like diggin it!
Louder, better, faster, stonger!
The Maestro:
MPC tryout...
DJ Rideon & Sany Pitbull: Thanks Tallinn!

Also and extra special thanks to Laur Laanemaa, who took the photos! You can see more photos at the website of DJ San Antonio...

And the video by San Antonio:


Proibidão C.V.

For some time now, I've been meaning to write about this Proibidão C.V. CD that came out on Sublime Frequencies. But I kinda have lacked words as the whole record and it's existance make me frustrated. However, now my exellent fellow blogger Stuart at Fat Planet and MC Gringo on his blog summed up some of my feelings, so take a read...


DJ Rideon - This My Shit (Free Download!)

To celebrate Rio Baile Funk's 1st anniversary and the 50th post, I've got a present for you, my dear readers:

DJ Rideon - This My Shit


This My Shit by Rideon

And here's the cover art for your iPods:

Some people have been asking also for the "DJ Rideon - Fuck Me Baby" track that was featured on the Top Billin EP. The vinyl has already been sold out, but now it's also available for digital download at the Top Billin Shop, Turntablelab, Juno Download or Gigacrate.


Sany Pitbull in Helsinki (photos).

Yeah, so last friday we had a very special night with Sany Pitbull... and I have to tell you it was a CRAZY party! The venue, Redrum, fits about 500 people in and we had 650 during the whole night. The dancefloor was absolutely packed and people were just jumping and shouting. And you should have seen those jaws droppin when Sany started banging his MPC... Total madness! A friend of mine, Riina, from the dancehall scene commented that she had never heard such bass in Finland and that she didn't even know that Redrum's speakers can hold that much bass. (they sure can!) "You could feel it outside, you could feel it in the toilets and you could FEEL IT on the dancefloor."

Even Sany himself told me that it was "The best party I've ever played in Europe." Hell yeah! So thanks to Sany and the whole Kovalevy crew and of course everybody at the audience. A night to remember!

And check out the photos by
Tuomo Lampinen:

On this last photo the whole crew from left to right: J-Laini, Rideon, Fiskars, Anonymous & Sany Pitbull.