Super Classics Of Funk Carioca at Otra Luna

A fellow finnish player, Teemu, substituting me at Rio de Janeiro at the moment (as it's been already one and half years since I came back to Helsinki from Rio...) is doing a wonderful job with his in-depth, thoughtful posts on baile funk and favela life at his blog Otra Luna. The whole blog is full of good read, but he's also got this "Super Classics Of Funk Carioca" series where he presents some of the old school tunes. Have a read on what "Rap da Felicidade" by Cidinho & Doca, "Boladona" by Tati Quebra-Barraco and "Rap das Armas" by Junior & Leonardo are all about. And there's mp3 download too...

Keep up the great work Teemu!

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