DJ Rideon - This My Shit (Free Download!)

To celebrate Rio Baile Funk's 1st anniversary and the 50th post, I've got a present for you, my dear readers:

DJ Rideon - This My Shit


This My Shit by Rideon

And here's the cover art for your iPods:

Some people have been asking also for the "DJ Rideon - Fuck Me Baby" track that was featured on the Top Billin EP. The vinyl has already been sold out, but now it's also available for digital download at the Top Billin Shop, Turntablelab, Juno Download or Gigacrate.


Sany Pitbull in Helsinki (photos).

Yeah, so last friday we had a very special night with Sany Pitbull... and I have to tell you it was a CRAZY party! The venue, Redrum, fits about 500 people in and we had 650 during the whole night. The dancefloor was absolutely packed and people were just jumping and shouting. And you should have seen those jaws droppin when Sany started banging his MPC... Total madness! A friend of mine, Riina, from the dancehall scene commented that she had never heard such bass in Finland and that she didn't even know that Redrum's speakers can hold that much bass. (they sure can!) "You could feel it outside, you could feel it in the toilets and you could FEEL IT on the dancefloor."

Even Sany himself told me that it was "The best party I've ever played in Europe." Hell yeah! So thanks to Sany and the whole Kovalevy crew and of course everybody at the audience. A night to remember!

And check out the photos by
Tuomo Lampinen:

On this last photo the whole crew from left to right: J-Laini, Rideon, Fiskars, Anonymous & Sany Pitbull.


Heads up DJs, don't miss the Rio Baile Funk Breaks!

While in Berlin last week, Mr. Haaksman from Man Recordings provided me with the brand new Rio Baile Funk Breaks vinyl and after listening to it at home I can't do anything but highly recommend this one to every DJ and producer interested in baile funk! Specially designed for turntablists with lock grooves and skipless beats it's a perfect tool for battle DJs and what most important for all home (and professional) producers there's finally a vital source for those baile funk samples and loops I know you all desire (and with GOOD sound quality!). From "tamborzão" to "Volt Mix" it's all here. The shit is compiled by DJ Sandrinho, Daniel Haaksman and the Vienna based turntablist champion DJ Beware and out now. The edition is very limited so get yours before it runs out...

And as I know this will inspire a whole lot of producers try on baile funk remixes and mashups I wanna announce a baile funk remix competition. So send your baile funk remixes for me at timo.santala(at)gmail.com and at the end of May I'll publish the 5 best on the blog!


DJ Sany Pitbull live 7.3. @ Fabric, London

Oh, check out this youtube-clip from Sany's gig at Fabric last friday. The MPC-recycling of Justice vs. Simian's "We Are Your Friends" begins after about 1 minute. And that's Sinden by his side diggin the set...

And Helsinki is on fire tonight!


Sany Pitbull touring in Europe - Don't miss!

As you people in London and Copenhagen propably already know Sany Pitbull is in Europe again. And this time I'm really happy that I managed to invite him to play in Helsinki also!

Ghetto 808 is having a special night together with Helsinki's finest hip-hop club night, Kovalevy, and we're bringing Sany over – he's gonna be the first brazilian baile funk DJ performing in Helsinki. And as (alongside myself aka DJ Rideon) we have also pretty much the best DJs in the whole town gathered together the party is gonna be blazing red hot right from the beginning!

DJ Anonymous is a great guy who's runs Helsinki's best record store Lifesaver. He's roots are in hip-hop, but he's so versatile it's unbelievable... He's propably the most respected DJ in Helsinki and also runs a great blog with quality tunes.

DJ Fiskars is an old pal of mine – we used to organize Bustin Loose! night together way back... He's been voted as Finland's best DJ 2006 and I just gotta agree, he's absolutely amazing on the decks! He's also one of the Top Billin peeps.

DJ J-Laini is also know from the hip-hop group Kemmuru. In my opinion he's one of Helsinki's best scratch DJs and at last Top Billin party he just blew the roof off my house with his bassline/speedgarage set...

So don't miss if you're around!

And he are also the other gigs Sany is gonna play while here...

Also check this mix out if you haven't heard it yet:

Sany Pitbull : Future Funk Express


1. FUNK ALEMÃO – Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
2. ARABIA – Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
3. TIROTEIO - Sany Pitbull
4. MONOTOM rmx - Sany Pitbull
5. REBOLA O RESBOLAH – Comunidade Ninjitsu
6. Madonna HANG UP rmx - Sany Pitbull
7. MEXICANO - Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
8. FAROESTE - Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
9. Afrika Bambaata BE MORE SHAKE rmx – Marcos Carnaval e dj Mavi (Tommy Boy)
10. Edu K part. Deize Tigrona SEX-O-MATIC rmx –Sany Pitbull e dj Mavi (Man Recordings)
11. HALLOWEEN rmx – Sany Pitbull
12. TRIBOS – Sany Pitbull e Dedé dj (Carioca Funk Clube)
13. ROCK TAMBORZÃO com Cissa Milay – Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
14. BATUQUEIRO – Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)


Dj Rideon in Berlin 7-11.3.

Berlin massive attento cause DJ Rideon is coming to town! This just came in in; last minute and surprise visit: I'm gonna be doing and special guest starring at Royal Funkaround's baile funk and kuduro party at Yaam. Holla there is you're around!