Mulher Melancia vs. MC Créu

This can probably happen only in a Brazil; Mulher Melancia (Watermelon Woman), the dancer with an enourmous ass who became famous of performing all 5 speeds of Dança do Créu on MC Créu's stage shows is actually become a bigger star than Créu himself. While the MC with the 2007/2008 biggest hit hasn't been able to follow up the success, Mulher Melancia (Andressa Soares is her real name by the way) is constantly gaining new admirerers of her "skills".

She launched her independent singing career in 2008 with Velocidade 6 just to top MC Créu and rose amongst the most wanted baile funk live acts in Brazil after posing naked on an extensive (64 pages!) photo shoot for Playboy Brazil in April 2008. Then Vice made a coverage of her in 2009 on their VBS TV in an episode entitled "The Biggest Ass In Brazil" and everything was set up for an international breakthough. Check out this clip of her in Paris.

And these are the both parts of the VBS episode.

And guess what comes after Velocidade 6? Well why, Velocidade 7 of course! And yes, I'll keep you posted when she'll reach the velocidade 8.


Party pics from The Rumble (Malmö, Sweden)

Oh yeah, we smashed it, we killed it with DJ Babydoll and The Rumble exploded! The maddest, craziest party ever. The people we're really down on it, from the cartboard space invader dropping from the ceiling to the gals climbing up on the walls. Gotta love The Rumble, the crowd gives such a massive response immediately when they digg a tune! I mean, hands in the air like WTF! I can't remember sweating so much in a loooong time... Special shout out to Gnucci Banana for gettin pon the stage to sing Ayoba live with me.

See the whole set of photos at facebook.


DJ Rideon playing at The Rumble in Malmö, Sweden

Wow, what a massive party weekend!

Today it's the the last ever Rumble at Inkonst in Malmö. The Rumble is somewhat of a club institution in Scandinavia, running for almost five years with guests like Diplo, Buraka Som Sistema, David Rodigan, Bode do Role, Sinden, Simian Mobile Disco, DJ Funk, Crookers, A-Trak, Scottie B, Rusko, Skream and so many more. I was playing there in April 2009 and it has been one of my top5 gigs ever.

But this time it's a very special end party with DJ Ayres from The Rub and at least half of Malmö is gonna be there, so I can't even imagine how crazy the party is gonna end up. I'm also extremely proud to be able to be there for the party as this night will be something to be remembered! Facebook event here.


DJ Rideon playing at the Tropical Bass in The Rust (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Copenhagen get ready! Tonight I'm playing at the Tropical Bass in the basement of the Rust with the cumbia and baile funk enthusiast DJ Copyflex. Facebook event here.


Remix Time: Leo Justi - Dunno Riddim (Kid Conga Remix Instrumental)

Leo Justi is a curious case; A son of a oboe/piano musican, back ground in rock bands and musical taste as varied as can be. A carioca from out side of the baile funk scene and maybe just because of that producing some of the most interesting baile funk influenced remixes I've come across for a while. Check out this Dunno Riddim for example; baile, bmore and other drum loops nicely twisted and turned into a future Ninja Tune type of riddim that works both for brain and feet. Download from 4Shared.

Leo Justi - Dunno Riddim (Kid Conga Remix Instrumental) by Leo Justi


Party pics from Tape - Slick & Sticky (Ciccionina, Delft, Holland)

Wow, the Tape Slick & Sticky party in Delft was pretty damn wild: First the lights go off at midnight just when the party's kicking off. There's a city wide black out and the whole town is out of electricity. It goes on for two hours, almost everybody leaves and just when we're resolving that the party has died and it won't come back, the lights suddenly come back and people come rushing in from all over, the party goes off the hook and people go crazy on booty bass, ghetto tech and 160bpm soca. But what the hell, the pics say more than 1000 words.

So yeah, the tape was everywhere and it looked pretty damn mad. The rest of the pics you can check out at facebook. I thought it would have hurt more to get it off my face and head, but luckily I had sweated so much it came off pretty easy...


DJ Funk vs So Hot It Hurts - Playboy Gotta Love (Rideon Mash-Up)

No tricks, just a straight forward mash-up of DJ Funk's ghetto house anthem We Gotta Love and So Hot It Hurt's vocals from Top Billin's Playboy Anthem. For the original plus tons of other remixes peep at the Top Billin blog.

DJ Funk vs So Hot It Hurts - Playboy Gotta Love (Rideon Mash-Up) by Rideon


DJ Rideon at Tape Slick and Sticky in Delft

The next DJ Rideon gig is gonna be at an amazing small club in a small town of Delft in Holland. The place is called
Ciccionina and the last time I was playing there a year ago the party got pretty out of hands in a good way. Loads of ghetto tech and sweating...

This time I reckon it's gonna get even more out of hands as it's the third of their special parties called Tape Slick And Sticky. The dresscode is colorful duct tape and as you can see from the photos of the last parties, it looks dumb ass FUN. I seriously CAN'T WAIT to play there!

Oh, and the facebook event is here. Saturday 22.5.2010 it is.


Sany Pitbull - Made in Favela vol.1

It's so nice that some brazilian DJs have also picked up the habit of doing longer mixtapes. Earlier on Sany Pitbull and Edgar have consentrated on doing showcase mixes of their own material, but this time Sany comes with an exellent cross section of what's going on in baile funk on 2010 – and to be more precise, what's going on the original favela side of Rio's baile funk.

Sany Pitbull - Made in Favela vol.1


01. Sany Pitbull - Beat Intro
02. MC Mascote - Cadeia
03. MC Crazy - Pra Defender Minha Favela
04. Priscila Noscetti - Já Estou Sarada
05. MC Lano - Respeito Não Se Compra
06. Marcelle & Koringa - No Calor da Madrugada
07. Cris Thuthuca - Aquecimento do Stereo Love
08. MC Romeu - A Te Esperar
09. MC Marechal feat. Matheus - Sangue Bom
10. MC Sabrina - Super Poderosa
11. Naldo - Chantily
12. Nayara - Passinho das Solteiras
13. Menor do Chapa - Quem Traiu Vai Pagar
14. Anitta - Eu Vou Ficar
15. Nany & Jhonny - Vida Bandida
16. MC Sapão - Brincando com Fogo
17. MC Romou - Solidariedade
18. MC Suzy - Vem Ficar Comigo
19. Bonde da Oskley - Ela Desce Louca
20. Fagner Pinheiro - Demais
21. MC Jean Paul & Inimigos da HP - Hoje Tudo Pode

Hat+Hoodie Favela Love Minimix

If you missed this baile funk 22 min minimix by Hat+Hoodie go grab it from soundcloud while you still can.

Favela Love (Minimix) by Hat+Hoodie


1. Intro
2. DJ Amazing Clay feat. MC Gus - Deixa o Tamborzao Tocar
3. João Brasil - Dig Minigame (The Beatles X Montagem Minigame)
4. Sujinho & Cassiano - Sweet Dreams
5. EDU K feat. Deize Tigrona - Sex-O-Matic (DJ Edgar Baile Funk Mix)
6. Mr. Catra - Roubo Da Motinha
7. Crookers feat. Kid Cudi - Embrace The Martian (Seiji Booty Remix)
8. The Count & Sinden feat. MC Thiaguinho - Tamborzuda
9. Schlachthofbronx feat. MC Leka - Sai Safarda
10. Buraka Som Sistema feat. Deize Tigrona - Aqui Para Voces
11. Genghis Clan feat. Mr. Catra - Gathina
12. EDU K - Mexe Mexe

Photos from DJ Rideon at Cocoloco in Stockholm

Wow, the Cocoloco in Stockholm was truly loco: Serious soca madness there and baile funk also dropped like a bomb. A cool hands-in-the-air crowd and I lost my voice completely after shouting too much on the mic. Gals were really going off and damn, what can I say, this is the way parties should be... Some party pics here, the rest you can see in facebook. (specially like the last one, I mean that looks almost like the baile funk parties in Brazil, exept that these are both girls...)


DJ Rideon tonight at Cocoloco in Stockholm

DJ Rideon is on the road for a couple of gigs around Europe. First one is at the ever crazy
Cocoloco in Stockholm, Sweden. It's hosted by Stockholm's finest remix duo Cocotaxi and for the party you might wanna checkout their brand new Isa GT remix. Pela'o with a serious ghettosoca vibe!

Pela O (Cocotaxi Remix) by COCOTAXI

We'll continue tonight with massive caribbean + brazilian tunes. If you're around remember to tune in also at Metropol radio where I'll be guesting around 18.30 local time. And sure you can listen to it online also!

Oh, and this new Cocotaxi minimix is also pure heatery!