Party pics from Tape - Slick & Sticky (Ciccionina, Delft, Holland)

Wow, the Tape Slick & Sticky party in Delft was pretty damn wild: First the lights go off at midnight just when the party's kicking off. There's a city wide black out and the whole town is out of electricity. It goes on for two hours, almost everybody leaves and just when we're resolving that the party has died and it won't come back, the lights suddenly come back and people come rushing in from all over, the party goes off the hook and people go crazy on booty bass, ghetto tech and 160bpm soca. But what the hell, the pics say more than 1000 words.

So yeah, the tape was everywhere and it looked pretty damn mad. The rest of the pics you can check out at facebook. I thought it would have hurt more to get it off my face and head, but luckily I had sweated so much it came off pretty easy...

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