Rideon - Back To Miami (New Mix Out!)

Yes yes ya'll, it's time for a new mix!

This time we're taking it back to the old school. As most of you know one of baile funk's greatest influencies in the early days was Miami Bass, the bass-heavy, car-booming 808 sound with dirty lyrics that dominated in Miami during 80's. So for this mix I dug into my crates and brought you some pieces of history, a few miami bass essentials and a couple of rarer ones. It's 42 minutes of booming bass.

And if we're talking about baile funk's putaria style and sex-filled lyrics, here's where it all comes from. Needless to say that for example 2 Live crew were hugely popular in the baile funk scene of Rio suring the mid-80's.

(And I also must note that this isn't for those who take sexist lyrics too up-tight and serious. And this is definately NOT to be played on your computers toy-speakers or those poor-quality iPod whitey-headphones, but on a good hi-fi stereo with a lot of BASS. Or more suitably on your pimped ride full car-bass-boosters...)

Anyway, here you go:

DJ Rideon: Back To Miami


2Live Crew: Shake A Lil’ Somethin’
Freak Nasty: Down Low
Fresh Celeste & M-4 Sers: Give It All To Me
J.J.Fad: Eenie Meenie Beats
Soundmaster T: 2 Much Booty (In Da Pants)
The Boys From the Bottom: Megalittlemix
The Boys From The Bottom: My Girl’s Got That Booty
Future Shock: Just Go
DJ Magic Mike: The Booty Dub
Gigolo Tony: Shake Your Pants
Egyptian Lover: Girls
Stone Age: Raw Dog
P.F.P: She Like It Hard
2Live Crew: Me So Horny
2Live Crew: Head, Booty & Cock
Rideon: Fuck Me Baby
2Live Crew: C’Mon Baby

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Cover art:


Johannes said...

Nice one there gotta love them compos! Totally dig this so keep the good stuff pumpin'.

gregzinho said...

Hey Timo,

I finally posted a response to your comments! http://beatdiaspora.blogspot.com/2007/12/stirring-pot.html

I assure you I wasn't ignoring them . . . like I said, I'm a sloth-like blogger.

Hopefully this clarifies some of your concerns. Also, I'm quite a fan of your Baile Funk Dictionary and I was wondering if you'd like to collaborate on expanding it. I've got some friends who have loaded me up with gírias.

valeu cara,


I continue to be impressed by the podcast every time you release it. It's like a Christmas present every time :)

And the covers are excellent, I must say. The fact that you actually take the time to stick a different cover on every one is excellent. You da man!

*timo said...

I usually do the covers because I also do promo cds out of the mixes. I'm realy a beginner with graphics, but learning more and more every time...

Mario JC said...

Hi, do you have this podcast (Back to Miami) in a higher bitrate, maybe 192kbps?

I am a fan of Miami Bass, and your mix is off the hook! If you do, let me know. Thanks in advance.

Timo Santala said...

Yeah, I can put it up on 320kps. On the podcast it's lower bitrate cause otherwise they fill up my podcast server limit.