Baile Funk Dictionary

Baile Funk dictionary:

(I’ve consentrated on such words, expressions, different meanings and slang that you might not find in other dictionaries.)


alemão = a german; in the street slang meaning enemy. can be either someone from a rival drug gang or a police.
amante = a lover
Amigos dos Amigos (ADA) = Friends of Friends; one of the 3 drug gangs controlling Rio's drug trafficing in the favelas.
apologia = glorification; a lot of talk going on about proibidão songs glorifying the drug gangs and violence
aquecimento = heating; meaning a warm-up
arrastão = "pulling a web" meaning a mass assault done by a group of people running and creating of big confusion.
asfalto = the name reffering to the normal city instead of a favela or a morro. Comes from the paved streets. (many of the favelas have only unofficial dirt streets.)


baile =
a ball, a party
baile de corredor = funk parties held during the late 90's, where at some point side A and side B were separated by a corridor to their own sides of the party and urged to fight against each other. This violent period of baile funk parties ended almost completely before the beginning of 2000.
baile funk = a funk ball, party where funk is played
bala = a bullet
bala perdida = a stray bullet, very common in the gunfights between police and drug gangs.
batida = a beat, or a drink
batucada, batuque = percussion only style of samba. some batucada patterns are also used as percussive elements in baile funk. read more on wikipedia
bolado/a = angry, furious, crazy
boladona = even more furious
bonde = a group of people, a crew – also a train like dancing style where you go dancing in a row, one behind each other.
BOPE = a special force of the military police that often participates in the action against drug trafficing in the favelas
buceta = pussy
bum bum = an milder expression of bunda
bunda = ass
burro = translates as donkey, but
is used instead of bunda (meaning ass), in the song "Joga O Burro Pro Alto" of Bonde da Oskley, to make it "radio-friendly".

cachorra = a female dog; a bitch
caixa = a snare drum
candomblé =
an afro-brazilian religion brought over by slaves, based mainly on the yoruba tradition from the area of Nigeria. Very similar to santeria in Cuba. read more on wikipedia see also macumba.
carioca = a Rio inhabitant
caveirão = "a big skull"; black, bullet-proof vehicle that police use to invade favelas. (a skull with a knife going through its head and two revolvers in the background is paintes on the doors; hence the name...) It has small shooting holes on the side and police has been accused of just invading and shooting blindly without asking. see the pic
charme = charm, used also as a name for the modern r'n'b music style
chão, xão = floor
chumbo = metal, lead; meaning a gun or a bullet
Comando Vermelho (CV) = Red Command; one of the Rio's most notorious and powerful drug gangs. read more on wikipedia
comer = to eat; in slang also to fuck
comunidade = a favela community (some people consider favela a bit discriminating as a name and prefer to talk about communities.)
coruja = an owl; also a drung gang member on a night watch out.
= ass

danado/a = horny
daquele jeito = an expression meaning "that's the way you do it".

equipe = a sound system crew
erva = herb

favela = a slum, a shanty town read more on wikipedia
ficante = one-night hook-up
ficar puto = literally to became a prostitute, but actually means "to get angry/mad"
frango assado = whole fried chicken (in slang refers to position when a woman is all legs wide open)
funk = people in Rio refer to baile funk music simply as funk. the american 70's music style is instead labelled under música black where go also most of hip-hop and r'n'b.
funk carioca = People in Rion call the style of music funk carioca. Outside of Brazil it’s generally called baile funk deriving from the name of the parties where it’s played.
funkeiro/a = a person who likes baile funk

gata = a female cat, meaning a good looking girl
gringo = a foreigner
gostoso/a = a hot guy or girl
gozar = to enjoy; in slang for a man to come

horta = a market-garden; on slang pussy (on sale)

jogo do bicho = an animal bingo in which an animal corresponds a number from 1 to 25. It's illegal and still hugely popular in Brazil. It's used for money laundering and many of the organizers of the illegal game are connected with organized crime. The history of the game is an really interesting one! read more on wikipedia

kuduro = Angolan ghetto-tech/house music

maconha = marihuana
macumba = an afro-brazilian religion similar to voodoo. counter-part of candomblé, but where as candomblé uses "white magic", macumba tends to go on the darker side. Most of the percussion patterns used in baile funk can be argued to derive from macumba rhythms that accompany the rites. read more on wikipedia see also candomblé.
montagem = a remix
morro = a hill, also used generally as a synonym reffering to the favelas that are mostly situated on hills and hill tops and slopes.
muleque = a small boy, a kid

negão = literally a big nigga, but can be used also of any thug
novinha = a young girl

otário = a goose; someone goofy and stupid
ousado = bold, daring

pancadão = a big beat meaning the way baile funk sounds from a big sound system
pão de queijo = officially it means cheese bread (an brazilian style small round bun with cheese inside) but it also has a double meaning as "pau de queijo" which translates as a stick with cheese aka a dick with sperm on it.
papo = talk
papo reto = straight talk
parada = literally "a stop", but can be used instead of any noun as "a thing". (f.ex. "Qual é a parada?" translates "What's the deal?)
passinho = steps, meaning dance choreography
pau = a wooden stick; a dick
peito = breast
perder a linha = lose control
perereca = pussy
pista = a dancefloor
playboy = a trendy, usually wealthy and pumped up guy
= literally "powder", but in slang cocaine
ponto = literally "a point", but baile funk producers use this word instead of a (loop) sample
popozuda = a girl with a big ass (brazilian men prefer the good, round big asses)
porra = sperm (used commonly to curse)
proibidão = genre of "extremely forbidden" songs, that usually contain gun lyrics, references and praises of the drug gangs or hard sexual slackness.
punheta = wank
puta = a female prostitute
putaria = the word itself means a brothel or a whorehouse, but it is also used as an adjective and substantive to discribe the genre of baile funk that uses harsh sexual lyrics and slackness, or the orgies. (f.ex. "vai começar a putaria!" translates "let's begin the orgies!")

quadra = a home space of a samba school, used for training and parties
de quatro = "on four" meaning doggy-style
quebra = to break, meaning break it down on the floor

rabo = tail, meaning ass
rebolar = to shake
ressaca = a hangover

safado/a = horny
saia = a skirt
sainha = a miniskirt
senta = sit down; refering to a stripper/pole dance style of dance where the girls, mmm, bend to sit down again and again
sequencia = a sequence
solteira = single girl

tambor = a drum or a percussion instrument
tamborzão = the main heavy percussion loop used in baile funk songs
tapa = hit, slap
tarado/a = pervert
tchutchuca = a girl
Terceiro Comando Puro (TCP) = The Pure Third Command; one of the 3 drug gangs controling Rio's drug traffic. CV's biggest rival that got started out of CV's internal power struggle.
tesão = lust
tiroteio = fight of crossing gunshots
traficante = a drug dealer operating within some of Rio’s drug factions

Vila Mimosa = The red light district in Rio.

whiskey & red bull = the most preferred drink in the baile funk game. launched by Mr. Catra in various songs.


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You're the man. It's a tough time being an estraneiro and trying to figure out the Funk Carioca slang, your dictionary is much appreciated!

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I checked on the words for horny...

chris says:
danado/a, safado/a, tarado/a...what's the difference?

Cc says:

Cc says:
danado/safado = naughty

Cc says:
tarado = perv

chris says:
this online dictionary says they all mean horny.

chris says:
is that wrong?

Cc says:

chris says:
ha, I'll message him and tell him!

Cc says:
if theres a guy masturbating on a bus

chris says:
butr danado/safado is the same

Cc says:
what would you call him?

Cc says:

chris says:
ha, maybe but notreally.

Cc says:
in portuguese we would say tarado

Cc says:
you'd call him pervert

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