Two tracks from MC Gi

DJ Edgar sent me some tracks he had produced lately for a new female MC from Santos (a coastal city in the São Paulo state). And I have to say these ones are pretty original; baile funk with some nice oriental flavours!

Giovanna Avino aka MC Gi is an architecture student who's only 18. On the track "Origami" she goes to Japan and sings on how you should eat her sushi, throw her on tatami and flod her like an origami... "Quer Romance" however is pure putaría: "Se o jantar é à luz de velas, meu prato é frango assado." (If you wanna have a candle light dinner, my servings gonna be roast chicken.) The production is refreshing, pure gold as Edgar always!

MC Gi: Origami download from zShare

MC Gi: Quer Romance download from zShare

And the tracks are 320kps mp3s as from now on Rio Baile Funk is gonna get out of the low quality mp3s everybody plays...

If you can read portuguese, check out this interview of MC Gi on Revista Grito.


Updates in the baile funk dictionary

Again I've done quite a few updates on my baile funk dictionary. I've started to cover also some expressions that don't necessarily have much to do with baile funk, but that are difficult to understand for foreigners. So get you portuguese going and if you have any words or expressions you don't understand, just them to me and I'll help out and then post them also to the dictionary.