Xão Productions - Aniversário Mixtape vol.1

It seems like New York has a very active baile funk scene. There's the Nossa crew that keeps bringing out great mixes (just featured Cassiano's Favela Clash) and there the Xão Productions that now celebrates its birthday with a great mix full of cool baile funk blends and remixes. They've been lately doing some cooperation with MC Gringo and played alongside with him in Rio at last year's TIM festival and Gringo has also been over to NYC to do some gigs with them. All together it seems like there are a lotta baile funk parties in NYC coming up by both Nossa and Xão. It seems like I need to go there to check it out!

DJ Comrade - Xão Productions Aniversário Mixtape Vol.1 (download from zShare)


1. Dennis DJ
2. Mc Gringo Fucky Fucky – (Dennis DJ)
3. Mc Rael – Ai Meu Peru (Dj Gordinho)
4. Mc Maiquinho – Ela Quis Me Imitar (DJ Amazing Clay)
5. Mc Dandao - vai para puta que o pariu (DJ Amazing Clay)
6. Solta Essa Porra!!! (Dj Edgar)
7. Espanca – (DJ Edgar)
8. International Syle Remix feat. Mc Maiquinho e Mc Gus (DJ Comrade vs. Shaka)
9. Sai Fora Remix – Mc Gi (Art Punk)
10. Mc Gringo feat. Ninna – Gringo Vai Embora (DJ Amazing Clay)
11. Aquimenceto do Sambinha – (DJ Amazing Clay)
12. Movado –Phone Call REMIX (Chaach)
13. Coolie / Kopa Baile – Various Artists (DJ Comrade)
14. Zuzuka/ 77Klash – Brooklyn Ghetto Fabulosa (Chaach)
15. Funk Rida feat. Mc Maiquinho, Ousados e Mc Creu (DJ Comrade)
16. Arrastao remix feat. Dead Prez / Mc Gringo (DJ Comrade)
17. Feliz Anniversario (Sexual Eruption) feat. Predadorez/ Snoop Dogg (DJ Comrade)
18. Mc Maiquinho - É a ponto 30 aqui o morro da Chatuba (Proibidao)
19. Busy Signal – Step Out Remix (DJ Comrade)
20. GG – Cocktail Molotov (DJ Junior)
21. GG – Eles Tentam da Desfalque


Zombie Disco Squad - Baile Funks Not Dead

This has been around since June, but still have to lift it up: Zombie Disco Squad from London heats it up with a good selection of old and new baile funk served with fluent mixing.

Zombie Disco Squad - Baile Funks Not Dead (download from zShare)

1. Baile Funks Not Dead Introduction by Edu K

2. MC Seu Kuke - A Casa Do Seu Kuke
3. Bola De Fogo - Atoladinha (Enterradinha)

4. Os Hawaianos - Vem Kikando

5. Luciano DJ - Alter Baile

6. Carlinho e Celinho - Jogo do Bicho

7. SD Boys - Uh!Uh!Uh! Tá Tomando

8. MC Frank - Cabelo Encolheu

9. Tati Quebra Barraco - Boladona

10. Dennis DJ - Xacoalhado de Skol

11. MC Primo - Diretoria

12. Scottie B ft. Moleque Bil - Mais Ela

13. MC Biruleyby - Cria Asa Periquita

14. Jack e Chocolate - Dança do México

15. Amandinha - Essa é pra Virar

16. Edu K ft. Deize - Injeção TNT

17. Bonde Do Popo - ?

18. DJ Wally - Dança do Calango

19. DJ Luciano Oliveira - Funk Carioca

20. Montagem - Tá Mancando
21. Sandrinho - Organ Donor

22. Montagem - Black Box
23. Sandrinho - Yazoo

24. MC Pé de Pano e Rael - Ela Tá Doida
25. MC Cidinho e Doca - Rap da Felicidade

26. MC Camita - Mexe Com Meu Marido

27. Bonde do Come Quieto - Ela Balança Mas Não Para

28. Gaiola das Popozudas - Late Que Eu Tô Passando

29. Bonde do Tigrão - O Baile Todo
30. Os Carrascos e Bonde do Vinho - Três Tenores
31. Tati Quebra Barraco - Mirante
32. Gilberto DJ - Chumbo Quente


Super Classics Of Funk Carioca at Otra Luna

A fellow finnish player, Teemu, substituting me at Rio de Janeiro at the moment (as it's been already one and half years since I came back to Helsinki from Rio...) is doing a wonderful job with his in-depth, thoughtful posts on baile funk and favela life at his blog Otra Luna. The whole blog is full of good read, but he's also got this "Super Classics Of Funk Carioca" series where he presents some of the old school tunes. Have a read on what "Rap da Felicidade" by Cidinho & Doca, "Boladona" by Tati Quebra-Barraco and "Rap das Armas" by Junior & Leonardo are all about. And there's mp3 download too...

Keep up the great work Teemu!

Diplo interview by Maga Bo

The all around world beats specialist Maga Bo, who's based in Rio, has finally finished the series of his "3 white men in baile funk" mini documentary series and the last one's obviously with Diplo. He's chatting away about he's beginnings in Rio and about becoming a DJ and about collaborating with different artists around the world. Sany Pitbull and his manager Adriana Pittigliani (RIP) are also featured when they're checking out some scenes from the forthcoming baile funk documentary "Favela On Blast" (see the previews) by a brazilian film director Leandro HBL and Diplo.

DJ Edgar – Another tour in Europe and a brand new mix up.

DJ Edgar, "the gentle giant", is coming to Europe for another tour in November. The booking period is 31.10-4.12. (All you party promoters, get the contacts here...)

To promote his tour Edgar put together this mix that features only and exclusively his own remixes. So many classics get a baile treatment here, but my favourite must be "The Power" recycling Snap's anthem "I've Got The Power".

DJ Edgar: Mixtape 2008-2009 (download from zShare)


1. Abertura
2. Funknotronic
3. Boogie Down Beat
4. Samba com Funk
5. Explosão mix
6. Guns'n'Funk
7. I Can't Get No
8. Na Europa eh Assim oh
9. Prostituto, o Sonho Delas
10. Alegria
11. Salsa com Funk
12. We Will Rock-Funk U
13. The Power
14. Out of Space
15. Boxe vs Axel F.
16. Nirvana in 'Funk' Concert
17. Rock'n'Funk beat
18. Gaita mix
19. I Fly With Funk 'U
20. DJ Edgar, Aplica o Som
21. Sininho mix
22. Solta Esse Ponto
23. Link Funk Park mix
24. Psiu-Psiu

Chack out also his homepage for some downloads...


Cassiano - Favela Clash (a mix for your listening pleasure...)

Sorry folks. I've so busy with work this summer that I haven't even had time to update my blog. I've got so many mixes lining up just waiting for your ears... But to recompensate I promise now I'll start to post also baile funk tracks for you to download. I know ya'll need to fuel for your DJ sets and party warming home session. But first I'll start with a DJ mix that Cassiano from NYC based Nossa crew hit on my inbox. It's a nice mix full of blends and remixes. Baile funk flirting with fidget house. If you're around NYC, catch up Cassiano at the Favela Clash release party on 30th of August at Santos.

Cassiano: Favela Clash (Download from zShare)