Cassiano - Favela Clash (a mix for your listening pleasure...)

Sorry folks. I've so busy with work this summer that I haven't even had time to update my blog. I've got so many mixes lining up just waiting for your ears... But to recompensate I promise now I'll start to post also baile funk tracks for you to download. I know ya'll need to fuel for your DJ sets and party warming home session. But first I'll start with a DJ mix that Cassiano from NYC based Nossa crew hit on my inbox. It's a nice mix full of blends and remixes. Baile funk flirting with fidget house. If you're around NYC, catch up Cassiano at the Favela Clash release party on 30th of August at Santos.

Cassiano: Favela Clash (Download from zShare)


tee cardaci said...

Oi, meu amigo! Tudo bom? That cassiano mix is sick. i'm really feeling right now the international vibe of funk! just as carioca funk came from miami bass being exported to brazil, it's dope to see what happens when funk gets exported worldwide! keep it coming, meu hermano! respeito do rio e um abraco-->tee...

Fradinho said...

is there another place the mix it up, the link seems not to let me download it, ive tried using different browsers and windows/mac.

please? i really want to hear this mix.


Domi333 said...

it's no longer there can you put it back up???

Pepe Figueroa ( Pepe Dj ) said...

Very nice to know that my music is still played around the world.

New game, maybe i can do a 2010 remix.

Peace !!

Pepe Figueroa ( Pepe Dj )