DJ Edgar – Another tour in Europe and a brand new mix up.

DJ Edgar, "the gentle giant", is coming to Europe for another tour in November. The booking period is 31.10-4.12. (All you party promoters, get the contacts here...)

To promote his tour Edgar put together this mix that features only and exclusively his own remixes. So many classics get a baile treatment here, but my favourite must be "The Power" recycling Snap's anthem "I've Got The Power".

DJ Edgar: Mixtape 2008-2009 (download from zShare)


1. Abertura
2. Funknotronic
3. Boogie Down Beat
4. Samba com Funk
5. Explosão mix
6. Guns'n'Funk
7. I Can't Get No
8. Na Europa eh Assim oh
9. Prostituto, o Sonho Delas
10. Alegria
11. Salsa com Funk
12. We Will Rock-Funk U
13. The Power
14. Out of Space
15. Boxe vs Axel F.
16. Nirvana in 'Funk' Concert
17. Rock'n'Funk beat
18. Gaita mix
19. I Fly With Funk 'U
20. DJ Edgar, Aplica o Som
21. Sininho mix
22. Solta Esse Ponto
23. Link Funk Park mix
24. Psiu-Psiu

Chack out also his homepage for some downloads...

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djedgarjr said...

Thanks 4 all my great friends. I see U at november. Peace and sucess 4 U !!!