Xão Productions - Aniversário Mixtape vol.1

It seems like New York has a very active baile funk scene. There's the Nossa crew that keeps bringing out great mixes (just featured Cassiano's Favela Clash) and there the Xão Productions that now celebrates its birthday with a great mix full of cool baile funk blends and remixes. They've been lately doing some cooperation with MC Gringo and played alongside with him in Rio at last year's TIM festival and Gringo has also been over to NYC to do some gigs with them. All together it seems like there are a lotta baile funk parties in NYC coming up by both Nossa and Xão. It seems like I need to go there to check it out!

DJ Comrade - Xão Productions Aniversário Mixtape Vol.1 (download from zShare)


1. Dennis DJ
2. Mc Gringo Fucky Fucky – (Dennis DJ)
3. Mc Rael – Ai Meu Peru (Dj Gordinho)
4. Mc Maiquinho – Ela Quis Me Imitar (DJ Amazing Clay)
5. Mc Dandao - vai para puta que o pariu (DJ Amazing Clay)
6. Solta Essa Porra!!! (Dj Edgar)
7. Espanca – (DJ Edgar)
8. International Syle Remix feat. Mc Maiquinho e Mc Gus (DJ Comrade vs. Shaka)
9. Sai Fora Remix – Mc Gi (Art Punk)
10. Mc Gringo feat. Ninna – Gringo Vai Embora (DJ Amazing Clay)
11. Aquimenceto do Sambinha – (DJ Amazing Clay)
12. Movado –Phone Call REMIX (Chaach)
13. Coolie / Kopa Baile – Various Artists (DJ Comrade)
14. Zuzuka/ 77Klash – Brooklyn Ghetto Fabulosa (Chaach)
15. Funk Rida feat. Mc Maiquinho, Ousados e Mc Creu (DJ Comrade)
16. Arrastao remix feat. Dead Prez / Mc Gringo (DJ Comrade)
17. Feliz Anniversario (Sexual Eruption) feat. Predadorez/ Snoop Dogg (DJ Comrade)
18. Mc Maiquinho - É a ponto 30 aqui o morro da Chatuba (Proibidao)
19. Busy Signal – Step Out Remix (DJ Comrade)
20. GG – Cocktail Molotov (DJ Junior)
21. GG – Eles Tentam da Desfalque


Heat Wolves said...

Just started getting into Baile Funk; your blog is mad fresh. I'll link to it on mine. Hopefully throwing a Baile Funk party here in Shanghai once I get a better library of tracks.

Timo Santala said...

Baile Funk in Shanghai! Wow! That's cool man. I can't wait to tell all the brazucas...

Joseph Pujol said...

"busy signal" is a big big tune !!!! For the others titles...well, "i'm just not convinced". Some friends from Marseilles (France) recorded a "bailefunklike" song called "dougabeinch". It's a kind of joke. It's live. But if you wanna hear what brasilian sound does on french minds, lets' try.


It's the sixth song on the music player. "Gab-x - Dougabeinch"

Have fun and keep bringing us that fucking baile vibe !!!

Boulibaï from "zona sur".

NathalieG23 said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog, I recently visited Rio and went to a few baile funk and fell in love with it!! Do you know of any places in NYC where they play funk?

Bobby said...

Link is deadout.. Tracklisting looks promising! valeu valeu