Another fairtilizer playlist

Here's again one fairtilizer playlist for your listening pleasure. 15 tracks of pure baile funk, just click play to listen! (and please send me some feedback if you think it's a good idea to post some music on the blog to listen...)

I also added on the right column two players: The first one features a whole lotta baile funk and related tracks, and the second one some of my own remixes. Enjoy!


Gaiola Das Popozudas & Os Hawaianos on Youtube

Finally some video goodies!

Gaiola Das Popozudas must be the hottest girl group there is at the moment. It’s no wonder they’re a huge hit in Rio. This one at a party of Unidos do Morro at Baixada Santista shows the live show just like it normally is: Down right dirty, sexy and with bad sound quality. But just listen the people screaming when the lead singer Waleska shouts ”Who wants to have sex?!?”

But it’s not only gals that can do it - male groups are just as good and popular. Just check out Os Hawaianos doing one of their hit songs of 2006, Passinho do Bonequinho. And do the girls go wild in the audience!

I’ll keep these coming as soon as good ones come around. Also if you find or come across some really good clips on youtube or elsewhere, please send me the link so I can feature them on the blog.



After all the conversation that if I should post baile funk mp3s on this blog, here comes the solution!

Fairtilizer is a new internet music community that's bringing the freshest tunes out, a great way for artists and labels to promote themselves and of course a great way to discover new music from pretty much any genre or country. I was asked to do them a regular playlist of baile funk, and this is the first result. 14 songs for your listening pleasure as you browse through this blog. Enjoy!

At the moment the site is invitation only, but once it open up publicly for everyone, I'll write more about the whole thing. Meanwhile check out
www.fairtilizer.com and www.myspace.com/fairtilizer