Man Recordings Melt Festival Mix by DJ Beware

All you baile enthusiastics in Germany have a treat coming up, since on the 19th of July Man Recordings presents a special line-up at the Melt Festival. Crookers, Bonde Do Role, The Count & Sinden (live), Edu K, MC Gringo, Daniel Haaksman, Deize Tigrona, DJ Beware and Say Hooo! are hitting the same stage on the same evening. Dope shit I'd say, and so does the festival as it coins the whole around-the-world-dance-beats-thing under a term "global dope".

For us, who can't join the party in Germany, there's luckily some dope shit to have a privite party on our headphones. DJ Beware has prepared a special mix in honour of the forthcoming festival and it's superdooooope. I know a couple of cars that'll go BOOM..!

Man Recordings Melt festival Mix by DJ Beware


1. Intro
2. DJ Edgar "Boxe vs. Axel F"
3. Veronica Costa vs. Switch vs. Fatboy Slim "Dece Glamourosa Champion Sound - Edu K Mashup"
4. Daniel Haaksman feat. SD Boys "Parolar De Veso"
5. Crookers "Il Brutto"
6. Mark Ronson "Valerie - Count + Sinden Mix vs. DJ Conhecido - Edu K Mashup"
7. Stereotyp feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz "Jeçe Valadão - Rob B/Stereo MCs Edit"
8. Buraka Som Sistema "Yah - Count+Sinden Remix"
9. DJ Sandrinho "Yazoo Medley"
10. Crookers "Lollypop/Crookers "Sveglia - Oh Snap Remix"
11. DJ Beware + MC Gringo "Tamborzão Con Scratchy"
12. Skream "Midnight Request Line Remix - Scottie B Remix"
13. Deize Tigrona "Injeção"
14. Bonde Do Role "Marina Gasolina Remix Buraka Som Sistema Dub"
15. DJ Znobia "Dandale"


Dj Beware said...

Peace Rideon! Thanks for the support! Hope u are well!


Cyan Wait said...

[...]One week to go till Melt! Festival with the sui generis supersonic Man Recordings stage.Seen.team freshman Tim Turbo prompted this happening to do a Baile Funk rebirth of the Melt! 2008 anthem "Drei Tage Wach" (meaning "three days awake") by the german techno boy[...]