There are so many DJs and music fans out there dropping tunes and info about baile funk stuff that for some time now I’ve been wanting to do a proper blogroll of what’s going on. So check out these and thanks for all the baile funk fans for keeping the scene alive!

Fat Planet

Stuart is a DJ running a weekly radio show called Fat Planet in Sydney, Australia. Besides this he’s been writing the exellent Fat Planet blog since 2003. It was selected earlier this year as the best blog for world music by Guardian UK and truly so Fat Planet keeps it coming on full range and delightfully drops also quite a lot of baile funk news in midst. Check out for example this recent post about Big Hits From The Hill: Recent Baile Funk Releases. And don’t forget his exellent podcast; Slang Tang!


Guillaume and J.P. are a pair of radio DJs from Montreal, Canada and besides hosting an exellent world music show at CISM, they write an exellent bi-lingual (french and english) blog, both called Masala. Both have a keen interest on baile funk and it’s featured regurarly on their blog. Check out these posts (Give Me More Of That Bateria & Masala To Go 7 - Bateria Com Funk) on Macumbinha rhythm from Guillaume’s last visit to Rio.

Mad Decent

Then there are of course Diplo and Paul Devro from Mad Decent that drop a couple of killer tracks every once in a while on their superb blog. Here’s some of the latest: Focki Focki & DJ Edgar. And don’t forget that Diplo’s producing an baile funk documentary called Favela On Blast with a brazilian film director Leandro HBL. It’s on post production right now, so should be out for the summer (hopefully), but I’ll give you more on that later...

Ghetto Bassquake

Vamanos is a DJ based in London and he’s got this Ghetto Bassquake blog where he keeps on dropping baile funk tunes every once in a while... Check out this one on Funketa, a mix of baile funk and Colombian champeta by Isa GT.


Maga Bo is a DJ and a producer working on various styles of world music, but since he lives in Rio, he’s constantly doing also baile funk stuff. He has this Kalleidosonic blog on his Comando Digital project and it’s highlights include the video interviews with Daniel Haaksman and MC Gringo and reports about the Rio violence (Everyday Violence, Rio Body Count & What If This Was Your House?).

Beat Diaspora

Greg is a DJ and a university student writing Beat Diaspora blog that deals with a lot of baile funk issues. (often with a very critical point of view; Seleção do Gringo part1 & Stirring The Pot) But more importantly he’s been curating the release of the Flamin Hotz CD Pancadão do Morro: O Funk do Flamin Hotz, Já É? (Big Hits From the Hill: Flamin Hotz Funk, You Down?) labeled by Greg ”Fair Trade Funk”. Check out also this valid critisism on the Priobidão C.V. CD I also wrote about a while ago.

Otra Luna

Teemu is a finnish all around media worker currently working with the Fundação Dois Irmãos in Rochinha, Rio. His blog Otra Luna features also some baile funk posts every once in a while (Fresh Funk: the Bad, the Good, and the Ugly). Check out also this exellent post about Rio’s hip hop king, MV Bill.

Cabaret Eletrônico

Sabrina Fidalgo is a brazilian journalist living in Germany and currently doing an documentary about baile funk. Her blog Cabaret Eletrônico features also baile funk themes like this Sany Pitbull interview.

Man Recorder

Man Recordings chief Daniel Haaksman does also a blog with a lot of label related info and mish mash.

MC Gringo

And finally something from the lighter side: MC Gringo has a blog also, some funny stuff up there..!


stu fatplanet said...

Thanks for the props and thanks for yr blog too, you run a great resource Timo and I'm always finding new treats here. Keep up the good work!

Khiasma / Guillaume said...

Yup, I'm with Stu on that one!

Maga Bo said...

Big up yourself, Timo! Keep up the good work! abraço


cheers for the mentioning

Khiasma / Guillaume said...

Hey Timo, just wanted to point out the radio show we did 2 weeks ago. I played a lot of fresh new funk tracks, have a listen: http://masalacism.blogspot.com/2008/06/mission-cism-210608.html#links

hepal said...

hello !

i live in réunion island and i love baile funk !!!!!!!!!!! a wicked music!!