Other stuff about Rio baile funk in internet, part.1

Even though it’s quite hard to find music or information about baile funk in internet, there is some good stuff available. Here’s some I liked and found useful:


Funk Carioca at Wikipedia
As most of the times Wikipedia offers good accurate information and a good starting point to the ones not yet familiar with baile funk.


Ghetto Fabulous by Alex Bellos (18.9.2005)
An exellent article about baile funk music, mcs, producing, favelas and drug traffic by notorious journalist Alex Bellos published by Observer Music Monthly. Even though Bellos displays quite a lot of the violence side and less of the music, the article gives a real insight and introduction on the scene. It’s superbly written and so thrilling I’d like to put it here on the whole, but you can read the article at Guardian web archives so I don’t have to. A must.

The Funk Phonomenom by Bruno Natal
Another nice article about baile funk in general done by a brazilian journalist Bruno Natal. Published in XLR8R May 2005 it makes another nice introduction to baile funk.


Carioca Funk Clube podcast
An exellent podcast by Adriana Pittigliani, Sany Pitbull’s manager featuring mainly Sany’s stuff. Check out the exellent 9 min story of the beginning of the tamborzão (baile funk with brazilian percussion) style and the use of MPC in baile funk. The episode of Rio Bootylegs is also nice with cool remixes where Billie Jean and The Clash meet baile funk.

Favela on Blast by Diplo
A good mix by the american ”funk embassador” dj Diplo. Even though a little old already, definately a good hit mix to hear the 2004 baile funk sound. A good one to start with, if you’re not familiar with baile funk sound yet.


O Baile Funk Carioca of Hermano Vianna
This is in portuguese only, but if you can read any go and download this immeately. It’s a pdf made availble by the author Hermano Vianna himself of his groud breaking university reasearch paper on the bailes funk in 1988, before the funk sung in porttuguese. The book has been sold out for years and super hard to find anywhere. It’s vividly written and a real insight of the old baile funk world. After all this was the man who gave Dj Marlboro his first sampler when the man was still a beginning dj... I’m still reading it myself and I’ll try translating and posting you some highlights from the book.

These for now, I'll get you some more stuff to browse later...


Hermano Vianna said...

bacana o blog! se precisar de ajuda na tradução é só falar - abraços, Hermano

Wolfram said...

Veja esses por exemplo: