A new, more complete baile funk dictionary on its way.

When I first thought about the dictionary, I only wanted to clear up some portuguese terms because I might be using some words common to the baile funk scene that don’t quite have equivalents in english. But as interest and feed-back has been plenty and I think it's time for you guys to begin to understand also the lyrics of baile funk, some expansion is needed. So here comes the first phase of a more complete baile funk dictionary by DJ Rideon!

I’ve consentrated on such words, expressions , different meanings and slang that you might not find in other dictionaries. Also suggestions of what could I add there are welcomed. And if you really wanna understand some phrase or word, post it on the comments of the dictionary and I’ll try to help.

Check it out:

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Funkeiro Da Rocinha said...

If you need help send me the word I will explan for you.

I am Funkero and know all this words Ok?

Zezinho da Rocinha