Mulher Melancia vs. MC Créu

This can probably happen only in a Brazil; Mulher Melancia (Watermelon Woman), the dancer with an enourmous ass who became famous of performing all 5 speeds of Dança do Créu on MC Créu's stage shows is actually become a bigger star than Créu himself. While the MC with the 2007/2008 biggest hit hasn't been able to follow up the success, Mulher Melancia (Andressa Soares is her real name by the way) is constantly gaining new admirerers of her "skills".

She launched her independent singing career in 2008 with Velocidade 6 just to top MC Créu and rose amongst the most wanted baile funk live acts in Brazil after posing naked on an extensive (64 pages!) photo shoot for Playboy Brazil in April 2008. Then Vice made a coverage of her in 2009 on their VBS TV in an episode entitled "The Biggest Ass In Brazil" and everything was set up for an international breakthough. Check out this clip of her in Paris.

And these are the both parts of the VBS episode.

And guess what comes after Velocidade 6? Well why, Velocidade 7 of course! And yes, I'll keep you posted when she'll reach the velocidade 8.


HRB Fiend said...

Damn she goes through all that? You have to at least give her respect for her dedication.

Regina said...

I'm from Brazil, And I feel very sad that our country have been saw outside like a place where people LOVE worry about the size of ass. Brazil is not all like this. Even you go to RJ and see exactly this... I live at the south and here is diferent. I hope one day all your population grow up, I became better... I this kind of Post never more appear about our reality.