Remix Time: MC Marcelly - Bonde Das Prostitutas (Bumps Twilight In Rio Mix)

The baile funk producers in Rio love all kinds of horror samples to create an intense atmosphere in the favela bailes. The western producers on the other hand usually tend to concentrat on the more percussive side of baile funk that prevails in Rio nowadays. However Bumps from the UK has picked up the
terror na baile mood for his remix of MC Marcelly's Bonde Das Prostitutas and actually this one sounds a lot like some tunes in Rio 2004/2005. Sometimes you need a foreigner to take it back to the old school... (though I feel other vocals would suit the atmosphere of the track better)

MC Marcelly-Bonde das Prostitutas (Bumps-Twilight In Rio Mix) by Bumps

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Scott said...

This is awesome, thanks for posting it.