Boom Shakalaka releases, remixes, mixes and parties.

As some of you might know I'm part of a DJ crew called
Boom Shakalaka here in Helsinki, Finland. This summer is gonna be big for us as things are moving forward on many fronts.

When we do remixes we've always searched samples from african, brazilian and other latin american sources trying to dig deep into other cultures. But then we started wondering why don't we ever dig to our own roots and own musical culture. And as a result we started experiementing with old finnish folk and accordeon samples and updating them with modern club beats and sooner then we realised we had crazy music originating from finnish traditional music. It sounds totally new, so we named the genre Baltik Bass (as of coming from the countries around Baltic Sea). We've got several cool tracks and remixes and they're gonna be compiled on Boom Shakalaka presents Baltik Bass vol.1 EP that's gonna be out on Maasto Records during this summer.

As a first official promo, here's a track by DJ Emil.

Dj Emil vs. Kiharakolmio - Riddim And Culture by Boom Shakalaka

Boom Shakalaka is worth following also on facebook, soundcloud, mixcloud and twitter for new remixes, releases and mixes will be dropping during the summer.

And Boom Shakalaka has also a brand new blog out where we post tunes we like from around the world; reggae, dancehall, soca, reggaeton, cumbia, baile funk, kuduro, kwaito, bongo flava, bhangra, desi, balkan beats, you name it – you got it! www.boomshakalaka.fi

We've also got a whole summer of parties coming up and the opening of the Boom Shakalaka summer club is thursday 10.6.2010 at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, Finland. So if you finnish peeps are around, come holla for free punch, clothes give-aways and hot tropical music from around the world. More info from the facebook event.

DJ Svengali made a special Boom Shakalaka mix for the summer with nuff reggae, dancehall, cumbia, balkan and tropical vibes.

DJ Svengali - Boom Shakalaka Mix 2010 by Boom Shakalaka


Lady N - Hey Massive
Los Telez - Yo Soy Tu Maestro
Sabo & Cassady - Kuff Kumbia
Sekreto - Gota(El Hijo De La Cumbia Remix)
Lember Hussainpuri - Saukhi Ni Kammai
Shava ft. King Gurcharan Mall - Päälliköt on voittamattomii
Deux Vultures - Mona Lisa (Homeboyz Club Edit)
Daddy V - Mahooks
Dully Sykes - Shikide
Ward 21 ft. Snoop Dogg - The Power (Luke Rich Remix)
Ward 21 - Pretty Gal
Mr. Lexx - Dem A Pree
Point O - Everyday
Sunny Brown ft. Lomaticc, Baba Kahn, Blizz & Rochester - Bombay Bo (Bootleg Remix)
Anu Malik - I Was Made For Loving You
Afrodisiac Sound System - Another One Bites The Dust
Forty Thieves Orkestar - Balkan Babylon
Balkan Beat Box - Digital Monkey (Soulico Remix)
Shazalakazoo - Chocheque
(dunkelbunt) & Cloud Tissa - Kebab Connection (Club Edit)
Mahala Rai Banda - Tu Romnie
Feel Good Productions - Dancing In Draut
Caravan Palace - Jolie Coquine
Mitsoura - Lei Toi
Major Lazer - Jum pUp (Genghis Clan Vs Riva Starr Mambo Jumbo Remix)
Major Lazer vs. Harold Faltermeyer - Pon De Foley (Ludachrist Remix)
David Guetta ft. Akon - Sexy Bitch (Royal K’s Mighty Refix)
Markku Lepistö vs. DJ Svengali - Hermannin Polkka (Boom Shakalaka Baltik Bass Remix)
Soul Captain Band - Liikkuvat luut
Ziveli Orkestar - Da Zna Zna (DJ Tagada Remix)
Shazalakazoo - Ajde
KMC - Am Not Drunk (DJ Emil Boom Shakalaka Remix)
SIG - Älä Sinä Huoli
Apache Indian - Boom Shack-A-Lack

Download from Mediafire.


Some Chilean Woman said...

I'd dance to those beats!

Marcelo said...

White people - stealing culture since the begining of time. I'll take back what I said when we brasilians start playing finish tango. Until then, I think you should stick to your own.

My guess is you are the average gringo. Went to Brasil, fell in love with the brasilian girls and the music and culture. Please promote your own and let us have ours. Funk is an expression that came from the poor people, we really dont need finish people stealing it. You may think youre promoting it, but i think most brasilians would disagree.

Find something in your own culture that you like and promote that.

Timo Santala said...

Well, If you read the post correctly, bringing up our own culture is just what we're trying to do here.

And then again; any music style isn't purely some nations own, but always incorporates styles from elsewhere. Baile funk is strogly based on american miami bass and old school electro, which all the old school baile funk djs well know and admit. Also the percussion loops used in baile funk are mostly macumba rhythms, that originate from Africa.

And finnish tango came from Argentina where it developed as a fusion of european influences.

Anyway you propably get my point.

polux06 said...

if i could add to this and ask a question at the same time.. Can you tell me where to get good baile funk samples on the net.. for my mpc.

thanks a lot man.

I'm from canada, been in Brasil a few time. love the place, the music and all.. would like to blend my own culture with this. I think music is made to be shared and enjoyed..