Heads up DJs, don't miss the Rio Baile Funk Breaks!

While in Berlin last week, Mr. Haaksman from Man Recordings provided me with the brand new Rio Baile Funk Breaks vinyl and after listening to it at home I can't do anything but highly recommend this one to every DJ and producer interested in baile funk! Specially designed for turntablists with lock grooves and skipless beats it's a perfect tool for battle DJs and what most important for all home (and professional) producers there's finally a vital source for those baile funk samples and loops I know you all desire (and with GOOD sound quality!). From "tamborzão" to "Volt Mix" it's all here. The shit is compiled by DJ Sandrinho, Daniel Haaksman and the Vienna based turntablist champion DJ Beware and out now. The edition is very limited so get yours before it runs out...

And as I know this will inspire a whole lot of producers try on baile funk remixes and mashups I wanna announce a baile funk remix competition. So send your baile funk remixes for me at timo.santala(at)gmail.com and at the end of May I'll publish the 5 best on the blog!

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