Sany Pitbull in Helsinki (photos).

Yeah, so last friday we had a very special night with Sany Pitbull... and I have to tell you it was a CRAZY party! The venue, Redrum, fits about 500 people in and we had 650 during the whole night. The dancefloor was absolutely packed and people were just jumping and shouting. And you should have seen those jaws droppin when Sany started banging his MPC... Total madness! A friend of mine, Riina, from the dancehall scene commented that she had never heard such bass in Finland and that she didn't even know that Redrum's speakers can hold that much bass. (they sure can!) "You could feel it outside, you could feel it in the toilets and you could FEEL IT on the dancefloor."

Even Sany himself told me that it was "The best party I've ever played in Europe." Hell yeah! So thanks to Sany and the whole Kovalevy crew and of course everybody at the audience. A night to remember!

And check out the photos by
Tuomo Lampinen:

On this last photo the whole crew from left to right: J-Laini, Rideon, Fiskars, Anonymous & Sany Pitbull.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! It was really a BIG party!
Sany is the BEST! He is comming to Amsterdam next week! ((((:

Funkeiro Da Rocinha said...

was Sany use the Akai mpc 2500?

valeu cara!

*timo said...

Yeah, Sany uses Akai MPC 2500.

Funkeiro Da Rocinha said...

yes I just buy one now..what amazing machine..I am to enjoy making cool montagens with this!