Sany Pitbull & DJ Rideon in Tallinn, Estonia - Party photos & some video

Two weeks ago we were playing in Tallinn, Estonia with Sany Pitbull at a party called Bassikultuur (Bass Culture) hosted by top notch estonian DJs Alari Orav and San Antonio. I have to tell you the vibe was soooo great. Bangers after bangers and the crowd dancing and jumping like crazy! The party was almost as good as in Helsinki. So big up Alari and Anton!

First it's DJ Rideon hyping up the crowd:
Wooo-Hoooooooo!!! (Alari on the left...)
Setting the dancefloor on fire...
Takin'em up. (Only girls on the front row... lucky me!)
Time to switch:
Sany will rock you!
The guy's like diggin it!
Louder, better, faster, stonger!
The Maestro:
MPC tryout...
DJ Rideon & Sany Pitbull: Thanks Tallinn!

Also and extra special thanks to Laur Laanemaa, who took the photos! You can see more photos at the website of DJ San Antonio...

And the video by San Antonio:


Johannes said...

Sooooo, any recordings of this night? Wouldn't mind to take a listen ;-)

Ozie said...
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Ozie said...

I'd LOVE to know the sample he's using @ 7:25 in the video.. some dance song I've never heard probably.. anybody ?