Sany Pitbull & Duda do Borel in Finland

18-21.7. I had the pleasure of meeting again DJ Sany Pitbull and MC Duda do Borel. I interviewed them already in Rio, but this time it was in Finland where we all 3 were heading to Pori Jazz Festival to throw 4 funk bailes.

Elsewhere in Europe the audiences have been lucky to see many great gigs by different baile funk artists, but in Finland this was the very first time ever. And straight ahead we started with the best! Here’s some little memories about the parties, but mainly I just wanted to show you some great photos I took...

The program was pretty much the same every night: We started around 1am and first Sany banged for about a one and half hour playing mostly old school miami bass and electro and little by little moving towards more hard edged electro rave and future funk beats as the floor filled steadily. And then slipping the tamborzão beats in by playing a lot of remixes with vocals in english. And then full on tamborzão for a while before Duda grabs the mic. By this time people were already pretty hyped up by Sany’s set and both were greeted with loud cheering and applauding as I introduced them on stage.

Then starting with the new hit beat ”Macumbinha”, Duda tearing up the audience with raw lyrics with his booming low rapping. And I can tell you Duda was on fire! When he gets some ”gasoline” to his engine, he just goes on hyping the crowd with some hits like ”Crazy” and ”Menina da Matemática”. Duda bounces, cheers the crowd, dances the stage away and even goes Kikando! (dance that’s done sitting on the floor, bouncing forward.) He even sings lying down on the stage! And you should have heard the crowd cheering and shouting when he ended. Then ”Rap de Felicidade” and some others for encore.

But that wasn’t it yet. Then Sany did his craft: Some 20 minutes of pure MPC live. Incredible live banging with well known samples re-worked with unbelievable agility. Flirting with rock samples like ”Satisfaction” by Rolling Stones and ”Come As You Are” by Nirvana. And the crowd went absolutely bananas!

Saturday night there was even a ”bonde do sacanagem” (a dirty dance done in a line tightly in touch with the ass of the person in front of you...) in the stage danced by the producers, singers, musicans and dancers of the festival... So you can really say that Sany and Duda rocked Pori Jazz festival and Finland!

After the last evening, when we were sitting together outside the venue 6am, a girl came up to us and showed her shoes. ”I danced so much my shoes tore up, thanks!”

Thanks indeed for Sany & Duda for throwing a hell of a baile and putting up a show we won’t forget that easily! Now there are at least 2000 finns more that know what baile funk is really about...

And to get a real feeling about what it is at it's best check out this video from Youtube: