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Rio Baile Funk - Favela Booty Beats that Essay recordings released 2004 is the first, the best and most definitive collection of baile funk out in western markets. It's compiled by Daniel Haaksman and features among the hits like Bonde Do Tigrão - "O Baile Todo" and De Falla - "Popozuda Rock'n'Roll" also superb tunes like Dennis DJ & MC Cabo - "Tire A Camisa" , Os Corrascos - "Pique Ta" and SD Boys - "Planeta Dominado". The only weakness of this compilation is that it only came out in cd and there’s only a 4-track 12” sampler available on vinyl. But if you’re not yet familiar with baile funk, this is definately the to start with. Read also the cool introduction of the record on Essay’s homepage!

The sequel of the first Essay compilation is Rio Baile Funk 2 - More Favela Booty Beats. It features a bit lesser known, but not less bombing tracks like DJ Sandrinho - "Berimbau" and Moleque Manhoso & Bonde Do Vinho "Dança Do Rodo". After you fall in love with the first one, you’ll want thye second one also... Again this is unfortunately available only on cd. And the well written, informative liner notes are also available in internet, check them out!

Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca (out on Mr. Bongo label 5/2005) is another great compilation of baile funk tunes and this this one is also available on vinyl. It features bangers like Tihuana - ”Pula”, Almilckar & Chocolate - ”Som De Preto”, Deise Tigrona - ”Injeção” and Bonde Neurose - ”Break Da Caveira” alongside with my all time favourite Os K-rrascos/Vanessinha do Picatchu - ”Bochecha Ardendo”. This is definately another essential compilation.

Señor Coconut presents Coconut FM is another compilation of essey Recordings. It features 6 tracks of baile funk along side other latin dance music like reggaeton and cumbia villera.

Sou Funk EP of the Flamin’ Hotz label (FHZ-001) features 5 Tracks on vinyl released 5/2006. Some of them are good rockers, but some quite old stuff. Unfortunately not all the artits are credited right, but still for djs it’s worth it. Anyway it’s sold out, so you’ll be lucky to find a copy.

German Man Recordings has also many great vinyls out, but I’ll present them more soonish, as I have an interview with Daniel Haaksman, the headman of Man recordings, coming out soon on this blog. So stay tuned!

P.S. If you know any other releases (specially on vinyl) available in Europe or the States, please let me know!


Ricu Flair said...

Of course, Bonde Do Role has also two singles in Mad Decent-label, which have been available in Europe.

Bonde Do Role-Gasolina 12" (Mad Decent)
Bonde De Role-Melo Do Tobaco Ep (Mad Decent)

And there are two vinyl-samplers from those Essay compilations.

Then there is one baile funk-sampler in vinyl but I don´t remember the name right away. I have it in home, so I can post it later.

*timo said...

Thanks for the info Riku!

Actually I excluded Bonde Do Role and Edu K on purpose from this first post on the records, since they present more the fusion baile funk, not the original rio funk. I'm gonna do a post on that topic also though.

There is some french bootleg vinyl also, but I preferred to present first the legally licensed stuff...