My remix out on Top Billin 12"

It's Finally out!

One of my baile funk remixes "Fuck Me Baby" is featured on a brand new 12" remix EP "Tales from Top Billin". It's released by Top Billin, a hot DJ crew that run spectacular parties in Helsinki and also features some superb baltimore remixes, like my favourite "Shake My Ass" by Good As Gold. All together there are 6 tracks; the finest new remix shit coming out of Helsinki, Finland. The vinyl is a very limited edition, so get yours before it's too late. Available of record stores that know where it's at these days and also on Turntablelab.

You can listen to the sampler here:

check out Top Billin at myspace:

and read more on their site:


Anonymous said...


*timo said...

Yes, the boys got it finally up to Turntablelab. So all you peeps worldwide; you can finally get your copy!

*timo said...

Oh and the link:


*timo, could you tell me more about the "Shake My Ass" song? I'd like to know more about it, as far as who did it, who's singing, etc.

Thank you buddy. Just listened to Ghetto 808 #3 again today, so that got me interested in it again :D

If you want, send me an email @ MCWHAMMER@gmail.com if you have any details on it.