MC Gringo - Buzzing in Rio

MC Gringo is coming up with a big buzz. He has an EP called ”Gringão” out, shows with Mr. Catra, a radio show called ”Xão” with DJ Amazing Clay, an documentary is being made about him, he’s singing live at João Soares, one of the biggest brazilian talk shows, really, what next. Well he’s coming back to his roots, doing a tour in Europe.

All in all MC Gringo is really an interesting case: A german guy singing baile funk in portuguese and doing shows in Rio. And he has an interesting history too: he used to play in a punk band back in Germany, but the met a brazilian girl, got married and moved to Brazil. When in Rio he got swept away by baile funk and started writing his own songs. Some og those are now represented on an 12” EP out by Man Recordings. You can read more about both, the new EP and his personal history at the Man Rec website.

You familiar with german might also wanna check out this interview on Spiegel Online.

He’s said to be one the hardest working artists in the scene, always ready for a gig, no matter how far it is and how hard to get to. And hard it also gets every once in while; trying to enter the highly competitive baile funk scene in Rio isn’t really easy for anyone, not to mention a foreigner, like Gringo. Check this youtube preview about a documentary being made about him.

This is the jam session at the talkshow (that's DJ Amazing Clay at the MPC)

And the MC Gringo european tour dates:

29.1. London, UK, Notting Hill Arts Club
1.2. Bristol, UK, tba
2.2. Stuttgart, DE, Bassschule, w/Schowi+Passion
3.2. Cologne, DE, Stadtgarten, w/ DJ Daniel Haaksman
8.2. Vienna, AT, Planetarium, w/Joyce Muniz
9.2. Geneva, CH, Zoo/Usine, w/DJ Daniel Haaksman
15.2. Marburg, DE, w/DJ Daniel Haaksman
16.2. Ingolstadt, DE, Maki Club, w/DJ Daniel Haaksman
21.2. Nürtingen, DE, Provisorium, w/DJ Daniel Haaksman
22.2. Sat, Feb 23rd, Zurich, CH, tba, w/DJ Daniel Haaksman
23.2. Zurich, CH, tba, w/DJ Daniel Haaksman

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jp said...

haha Gringo no Jo !!! He looks like a Manu Chao of funk :)