Sany Pitbull European tour started from Finland

We were very happy to be able to have Sany Pitbull beginning his european tour in Finland. Sany came, and rocked two sold out nights in Helsinki and Tampere. The crowd went absolutely crazy dancing their asses off, shouting and jumping ehen ever Sany pulled a new sample from his MPC. Total madness! Even so much Sany promised to change his nationality. You can confirm the result from his myspace.

Here are some pictures and videos from the first gig 17.4. It was the opening of my new club called Boom Shakalaka.

Sany before the gig giving his MPC a kiss for luck.

Sany beginning his set at Redrum.

The crowd cheering with their hand s in the air like WTF.

Banging the MPC.

Boom Shakalaka at Redrum with Sany Pitbull – True Ravin!

Sany played the MPC so intensly his finger tips started bleeding. See the blood stains on the pads...

The whole crew from left to right: Sany Pitbull, DJ Svengali, DJ Daffy Duck & me (DJ Rideon).

And a couple of videos from the evening:

See all the photos at facebook.

And one video from facebook too:

Photos & videos by Timo Santala, Tuomo Lampinen, Riina Asamoa & Mirkku Pervonsuo.


Copyflex said...

hehe! he fucking killed it in copenhagen too.

luckily his blisters and wounds was healed and hardened enough to stand a whole show...

davidinrio said...

Sany is the MAN,,

I doubt he will ever change his nationality or move from brazil.

Sany come on.. Onde tem as bundas lindas? Rio MANÉ

E Nois Peixe!

Maestro Billy said...

Congrats on having Sany @ your nightclub.
He really rocks !
Number one here in Brazil too !
Best regards,
Maestro Billy

zuzuka said...

Sany is KING!

theComplex said...

Yay, you're back!!!