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As you propably noticed this blog has been inactive for a long time now. I've been damn busy with other things and since it's been already four years since I've been to Rio the last time I've felt I couldn't offer interesting content from the Rio Baile Funk scene.
Anyway, I'll still try to post interesting tracks, mixes and news when ever they come along my way.

But I've got also some good news for you: DJ Rideon is back in business. In May I'm gonna be going around Europe and DJing a couple of gigs in Sweden and Holland. In Helsinki it'll be a busy summer with Boom Shakalaka and We Love Helsinki nights.

And because of that you can find DJ Rideon now also at facebook, twitter, soundcloud and mixcloud. So follow, like, listen, download and all that.

All the latest news will come through facebook and twitter while from soundcloud you can download two of my old remixes: Fuck Me Baby & This My Shit. Also new tracks coming very briefly.

On mixcloud you can check out all the old mixes. As a bonus there one, Yummy Yummy Yummy, that hasn't been published outside Finland yet. And also there, new mixes coming up very shortly.

I'm also constantly on the look for new, interesting tracks to DJ at the parties, to play on our Boom Shakalaka radio show at Helsinki's finest, Bassoradio, and to blog about so if you produce tracks, remixes or whatever, please hit me with a promo (320kps mp3 or wav). You can send them for example on my soundcloud drop box.

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Matthew said...

So much has changed since your last post! Good thing I subscribed to your RSS feed with Twitterfeed. I figured we'd never see another post from you again :(

Well, here's hoping you don't forget your podcast, and consider posting the same tracks on there. I'm still subscribed to it too, believe it or not!

Timo Santala said...

Yeah man, I know. Things are moving forward on so many levels!

The podcast won't be forgotten, new mixes are already on their way. But way back then I chose my podcast server poorly and it's always out of storage space and bandwidth, so we're thinking of putting up another podcast for the Boom Shakalaka crew and post all the new mixes there.