Download Big Mix 2007 baile funk hit CD

A reader of my blog asked if I could provide a list of the current hit songs in the bailes of Rio and even though there are no such things as Billboard Top100 Charts in the baile funk scene of Brazil, I thought that maybe the biggest nationwide hits of each year are published by the Big Mix of DJ Marlboro. So through these compilations you can get a feel of what's hot in the radio and tv in Brazil. Though I'd like to note that what plays in the radio and what plays in the favela bailes in usually a bit different...

Anyway I found on a blog called Eterno Contestador DJ Marlboro's Big Mix 2007 CD for download. It includes almost all the huge hits of past few years. It's 128kps mp3, but at least you get to know what's playing in Rio now.

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Johannes said...

Nice one, thnx for the pointer.