New baile funk website

Jim from Czech Republic made this bailefunk.info site and specially the mixtape selection is quite nice, so if you're needing to heat up your iPod with some baile funk, check it out!



Cool, glad someone started a new Baile Funk site. Now I've got two fav's, this one and the other :)

My iPod is going to be full after this :(

Anonymous said...

hi man,
i was in brasil and heard some funk songs in the clubs, i'd really like to have a list of the current hits that they play in the clubs, so i can find these songs...
please email me to eg8484 at gmail.com

*timo said...

Hmmm, your request is a bit tricky.
It's like asking: "I went to a club in New York and they were playing good hits, could you please tell me the names of the songs?"
I mean: there are so many songs and so many hits, it's impossible to know what DJ played what and when...
Anyway, the songs featured on my mixes are more or less all hits, so you can start with those.
And as soon as I get more new tracks I'll keep you guys posted about that stuff, so you can check them out at fairtilizer or on my mixes.