DJ Edgar – Coming with a full blast!

DJ Edgar is one of those persons you just have to like when you meet him: He's a bit like a gentle giant. The man's been DJing for 17 years now, played with the equipe of Furacão 2000, backed up the duo William & Duda (Duda do Borel nowadays) in the 90's, after that worked with MC Mascot and the duo Gorila e Preto, and for quite a while backed up Mr. Catra, toured with him and did most of the production for his albums.

Anyway, now he's going solo and planning an European tour for May. If you're interested in booking him contact Johan von Friedrichs.

His EP in Baile Funk Masters series has been out already half a year, but if you're not yet familiar with his stuff, do it now. His remix of Léo Canhoto's and Robertinho's "Chumbo Quente" is sure a hot gun blaze!

Also Edgar just posted me some goodies, I'm sure you'll also like! First check out this youtube clip where he's playing live MPC.

The second one is brand new with his new toy, MPC 500...

And here's an exellent 22 min mix he just did:

DJ Edgar Mix Tape 2008 (download from 4shared)


01. Samba com Funk (DJ Edgar)
02. Coracao do Funk (DJ Edgar)
03. Super Samuel (DJ Edgar)
04. Pura Satisfacao (DJ Edgar)
05. Prostituto, o sonho delas (with sweet dreams) (DJ Edgar)
06. Nirvana 'Funk" in concert (DJ Edgar)
07. Be goes on (DJ Edgar)
08. Capoeira neurotica (DJ Edgar)
09. Funk-Ta tranquilo vs Racionais-Funk (DJ Edgar)
10. Gaguinho (DJ Edgar)
11. Gaiteiro Inch(DJ Edgar)
12. Chumbo quente(DJ Edgar)
13. Take this out (DJ Edgar - PsyFunkCarioca Project)
14. Don't touch the dial (DJ Edgar - PsyFunkCarioca Project)

And what's the best, Edgar has a brand new website out and as a gift he's giving out mp3's of pretty much all the tracks featured above (on the right corner there's a "download music" section! Valeu Edgar!


Anonymous said...

Hey dude !! Great Thanxxx for the quality of this blog and for your support to "baile funk". That music is just awesome, viral, "de puta madre" and i think she's gonna mash up the world.

So...boulibaï upon you from Marseilles - south of france

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to download anything from DJ Edgar's site. Clicking on a song opens up the ons in my RealPlayer.. :(